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Level 4 course "Recognition and representation":
Perceiving, acting, knowing, remembering

By Stephen W. Draper

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Questions for critical thinking

It is usual to provide some questions for further thinking, to stimulate deep learning. However, untypically, this section of lectures was all about getting you to consider deeper questions rather than introducing much new technical material. So hopefully most of what I said was in effect such a question (e.g. "is the concept of invariant sensible and/or useful?"). So I will only suggest one deep deep question:

Which of the questions I tried to discuss with you are in fact important issues, and which are not?

Reading list

  1. Top down/ Bottom up
    [TD vision in AI] Oatley ch.7 OR Boden p.180ff.
    [TD vision for psychology] Gregory

  2. Representations
    [representations: why powerful] Oatley ch.6 esp. p.141ff.
    [Anti-representations] Brooks' 2 papers

  3. Recognition is not the only function of vision
    Horizon transcript on the man who lost his body [lost proprioception, used vision to compensate]. See also Bernstein 4th edition, p.121; Sacks (1985).

  4. Invariants
    Gender from gait: Cutting (1978), Cutting et al. (1978)
    Invariant for age: Pittenger et al 1979; and Todd et al. 1980; see also Bruce & Green p.368ff.

  5. Gibson
    Bruce & Green chs. 10, 17. (And the Gibson books.)

  6. De-dissociations
    [Review the cases discussed in class to find illustratrations of problems with each dissociation.]

  7. Post-class
    Look at Gregory, and above all Gibson.


N.B. NIL means Not In Library i.e. not in the Glasgow University library


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