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Reading list from Carroll

This is a reading list and pointers assembled by John M. Carroll ( for an information design course, circulated August 1998.

His choice

In the end I decided to use:

K. Mullet and D. Sano, "Designing visual interfaces: Communicated oriented techniques." SunSoft Press (Prentice-Hall), 1995. Paperback.

W. Horton, "Designing and Writing Online Documentation." John Wiley, 1994. Paperback.

Other options

Here is the set of pointers I collected from you and from other colleagues:

R.J. Brockmann, Writing better user documentation: From paper to hypertext (Version 2). Wiley, 1990.

David Collier, Collier's Rules for Desktop design and Typography. Addison-Wesley, 1991.

Scott Fisher, Multimedia Authoring. Academic Press Professional, 1994.

Peter W. Foltz, course Web site for "The psychology of information access"

Peter Gloor, Elements of Hypermedia Design: Techniques for Navigation and Visualization in Cyberspace. Birkhauser: Boston, 1997.

JoAnn T. Hackos / Dawn M. Stevens, Standards for Online Communication. Wiley, 1997. (ISBN 0-471-15695-7)

Robert E. Horn, Mapping Hypertext: Analysis, Linking and Display of Knowledge for the Next Generation of On-line Text and Graphics. Lexington, MA:Lexington Institute: 1989.

W. Horton, "Designing and Writing Online Documentation." John Wiley, 1994. Paperback. ISBN 0471306355

William Horton, Designing and Writing Online Documentation: Hypermedia for Self- Supporting Products, 2E. Wiley, 1994. (ISBN 0471306355)

Robert Jacobson, Information design, MIT Press, 1998

G. Kress and Theo van Leeuwen, Reading Images: the grammar of visual design. London: Routledge, 1996.

David Lowe and Wendy Hall, Hypermedia and the Web. Wiley, 1998.

Aaron Marcus, Graphical design for electronic documents and user interfaces. ACM Press Tutorial Series. 1992.

Cliff McKnight, Andrew Dillon, and John Richardson, Hypertext in Context. Cambridge U. Press, 1991.

Mary Morris, Web Page Design: A Different Multimedia, ed. 1. Prentice-Hall, 1998. (ISBN 0-13-239880-X)

K. Mullet and D. Sano, Designing visual interfaces: Communicated oriented techniques. SunSoft Press (Prentice-Hall), 1995. (Paperback. ISBN 0-13-303389-9)

Jakob Nielsen, Multimedia and Hypertext: The Internet and Beyond. Academic Press Professional, 1995.

J. Price & Korman, H. (1993). How to communicate technical information. Menlo Park, California: Benjamin/Cummings.

Karen A. Schriver , Dynamics in Document Design: Creating Text for Readers. Wiley, 1997. (ISBN 0-471-30636-3)

Nathan Shedroff launchpad at

Richard Saul Wurman, Information anxiety. Doubleday, 1989.

Richard Saul Wurman, Information architects. Watson-Guptill Pubns, 1997

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