ATOM: CBL evaluation
Run once in spring 1998.

Name and institution of proposer/author: Steve Draper, University of Glasgow

Level: Any level, but students should have done some HCI.

Type of Atom:
A week's topic and associated work for the students. The students are expected to begin with some reading and discuss this in an initial seminar with the remote expert; design an evaluation, collect the data, prepare initial findings for discussion in a tutorial (with the remote expert); and finally write up their findings as an assessed assignment.


  • To have experience of trying to do an evaluation
  • To understand some of the issues involved in selecting a CBL evaluation method


  • Design an evaluation using IE
  • Analyse the data from the evaluation
  • Write a report on the evaluation
  • Recommend changes to a course on the strength of your evaluation

    See also this link

    Prerequisites: Some experience of evaluation methods e.g. designing and administering questionnaires.

    Time At least a week's worth of coursework for students (e.g. 8 hours).

    Activities: See the main page.

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