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Work on exam question 1

by ZhuoChen, FrancesHolborn, LindaIrving, LisaMcmunn, RebeccaRoss, AlexandraRussell

The question: Does teaching make a difference to undergraduate learning? Make the strongest arguments for and against that you can, and then state what your overall view is.

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    Work on exam qu.2

    by ManusCross, MaryLouiseKilgour, CatrionaMay, JosephMcCarthy, LisaMurray, AngelaThumath

    The question: Compare and contrast several different important senses of high and low quality learning.

  • PlanA - Perry and Laurillard (Tony and Louise)

  • PlanB - Marton and Mastery Learning (Manus and Angela)

  • PlanC - Perry and Belenky (Lisa and Catriona)

    Work on exam qu.3

    by JonathanBingham, KatherineHarvey, GemmaMcfarlane, JenNorris, IainWalker

    The question: Discuss a few big effects in education, and the sense in which they are "big". And discuss whether the main value of what is learned in HE is content, a way of thinking, or something else.

  • PlanA

  • PlanB

  • PlanC