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APEC level 4 option

This is the entry page for web pages related to my level 4 course "APEC" or "Applying psychology to education and computers".

This page will be restructured, but at the moment you can refer to the old pages for similar material as it was taught in two different options last year.

Course feedback

I'd be grateful if you filled in the online course evaluation form for the APEC level 4 module, just finished.

You can get at it by going to the dept. website, and the teaching page for level 4: and clicking on the link fairly near the top labelled "Click here to fill in the course evaluation"

You will then find a particular (level 4) lecturer pictured. Just flip through until you find me and my module (!) by using: "If you already gave us your evaluation on this lecture, you can skip this page by clicking here. "

List of Lectures

The lectures given followed the handbook pretty closely in content, but in a different order. Here is the number of that lecture specification in the handbook, followed by the order they were given in (in 2002-3). The lectures were all double lectures (2 hours together, once a week). The first week's session was missed; and replaced by an extra 2-hour session in week 1 of term 2.

Handbook Actual sequence
7-8 1,2 Wayfinding in the university.
6, 9-10 3,4 An introduction to HCI, UCD and the prototyping approach
(handbook lectures 6,9,10 all merged)
11-13 5,6,7 Minimal manuals
14 8 Focus groups.
15 9 Thinkaloud protocols
16 10 Incident diaries
17-18 11,12 Interviews, questionnaires, and feature checklists.
19-20 13,14 Direct manipulation and Activity Theory.
1 15 The nature of learning in Higher Education (HE).
2 16 Perry
3-4 17,18 The Laurillard model
5 19,20 The management of learning.

List of Handouts

The numbers shown usually appeared on the handouts themselves. As you can see, there are some glitches in the numbering.



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