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Steve Draper's HCI course exercises

The HCI course I have taught on is a 20 lecture module for a conversion MSc in Information Technology. That means all the students have done an introductory programming course, and all use computers every day, but very few are highly skilled. I used to use Hypercard for the big exercise, now it is mainly WWW (i.e. HTML).

  • Official course description. This includes the official learning aims and objectives, and the allocation of marks between exercises.

  • The main web page for students

  • The exercises.
    The pages pointed to in the table of exercises below were written only for students on this particular course, and may not make sense out of that context. They are certainly likely to assume the particular equipment they use.
    Ex.A Iterative design and testing
    Ex.B Questionnaire & interview
    Ex.C Written theoretical exercise
    Ex.D1 CSCLN on the web
    Ex.D2 Critique of an interface
    Ex.D3 Experiment

    (Back up to Day 1 activities of HCI teaching workshop)