Christoph Daube

  • Research Assistant (Psychology)
  • Postgraduate (Psychology)

telephone: N/A

Research interests

I studied Psychology in Leipzig (BSc), moved on to Oldenburg to specialise in Neurocognitive Psychology (MSc) and am now a PhD student supervised by Joachim Gross and Robin A. A. Ince. My funding comes from a scholarship of the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Glasgow. I am easily fascinated by auditory perception and brain responses to auditory stimuli. During my PhD, I am mainly focusing on the encoding of speech. I believe in the value of craftsmanship and thus try to understand and improve the tools I use, which often sends me down rabbit holes on the intersections of signal processing, information theory and linear models. I also help as a graduate teaching assistant in an MSc introductory course to Matlab programming. I sometimes tweet using my twitter handle @christophdaube.