Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience

May 30th 2019 4PM
The mystery of the missing letter: a new experimental paradigm reveals a novel visual effect in identity crowding
Henry Taylor

May 6th 2019 4PM
Henry Taylor

March 18th 2019 4PM
The Epistemology of Aesthetic Properties
Heather Logue

February 18th 2019 4PM
Visual Perception of Materials and their Properties
Roland Fleming

February 4th 2019 4PM
The New LeDoux: Survival Circuits, and the Surplus Meaning of ‘Fear’
Raamy Majeed

January 21st 2019 4PM
The Waterfall Illusion
Clotilde Calabi

January 14th 2019 4PM
Ethical information and the aesthetic value of food: An interdisciplinary approach
Aaron Meskin

October 22nd 2018 4PM
Roland Fleming

October 8th 2018 4PM
Perceptual Avowals and Other Minds
Ángel García Rodríguez

September 24th 2018 4PM
Causal Contents
Paul Noordhof

May 28th 2018 4PM
Iconicity and Perceptual Representation
Jack Lyons

May 21st 2018 4PM
Mentalising homeostasis: The social origins of interoception and the virtual self
Katerina Fotopoulou

May 14th 2018 4PM
Neural Networks and Explanatory Opacity
William McNeil

March 19th 2018 4PM
Experiencing 3D space: Philosophy, Evolution, Psychology
Dhanraj Vishwanath

February 26th 2018 4PM
To be confirmed
Dhanraj Vishwanath

February 12th 2018 4PM
Perspectives on the Motor Cortex
Mazviita Chirimuuta

January 22nd 2018 4PM
Peripersonal perception
Frederique de Vignemont

November 27th 2017 4PM
Relational Colour Constancy
Will Davies

November 13th 2017 4PM
Pictorial Experience in the Light of Vision Science
Robert Briscoe

November 6th 2017 4PM
Is it blue or green? Exploring the effects of memory and categorization on color perception
Maria Olkkonen

June 12th 2017 4PM
To be announced
Hong Yu Wong

May 15th 2017 4PM
The Dream Present as a ‘Time Island’
Matthew Soteriou

May 8th 2017 4PM
How Does the Human Brain Represent Size?
Irene Sperandio

March 13th 2017 4PM
Human Echolocation of Contour Shape
Lore Thaler

March 6th 2017 4PM
Explaining Hallucinations Computationally
Marcin Miłkowski

February 20th 2017 4PM
Attentional Attractors and Visual Awareness
David Carmel

November 14th 2016 4PM
Predictive Coding and Cognitive Ontology
Adina L. Roskies

September 21st 2016 4PM
Sensory Aesthetics: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
Professor David Howes

June 13th 2016 4PM
Top-down modulation, cognitive penetration and visual attention
Wayne Wu

June 13th 2016 2:15PM
Psychological taxonomy for multisensory perception
Casey O'Callaghan

May 16th 2016 4PM
Re-thinking the body, re-thinking the brain
Anna Sedda

April 18th 2016 4PM
To be announced
Marianna Obrist

March 7th 2016 4PM
The intentionality of smell
William G. Lycan

February 22nd 2016 4PM
Is radical error in the introspection of phenomenal character possible?
Takuya Niikawa

January 25th 2016 4PM
What is timbre realism?
Alistair Isaac

December 14th 2015 4PM
A new approach to involuntary memory
Christopher Mole

November 16th 2015 4PM
Developmentally distinct systems for processing gaze and theory of mind
Martin Doherty

May 11th 2015 4PM
To be announced
Adam Zeman

April 20th 2015 4PM
Cross-modal correspondences: Looking for links between sound symbolism and synaesthesia, and their application to multisensory marketing
Charles Spence

March 16th 2015 4PM
Colour perception without awareness
Bob Kentridge & Keith Allen

February 23rd 2015 4PM
On Imaginings, Supposing and Conceiving
Magdalena Balcerak Jackson

February 16th 2015 4PM
Emergence and panpsychism
John Heil & Neil McDonnell

November 24th 2014 4PM
What has science ever done for perception?
Prof. Sir Colin Blakemore

October 20th 2014 4PM
Normativity and Generality in Ethics and Aesthetics
Robert Audi & Anna Bergqvist

October 15th 2014 4PM
'What is "embodied perception" the embodiment of? A critical review’
Frank Durgin

October 13th 2014 4PM
The angular expansion hypothesis of locomotor space perception
Frank Durgin & Alisa Mandrigin

May 19th 2014 4PM
Knowing What Things Look Like
Matthew McGrath & Robert Cowan

March 24th 2014 4PM
Why, and in what sense, things look different in the shade: solving the puzzle of constancy
John O'Dea & David Simmons

February 24th 2014 4PM
Illusions of motion and their perceptual significance
Alan Johnston

January 27th 2014 4PM
Why and how we smell, how to measure olfactory function, and how to diagnose and treat olfactory loss.
Thomas Hummel and Barry Smith

November 11th 2013 4PM
Organic Meaning
Mitch Green and Simon Garrod

June 3rd 2013 4PM
Errors, Expectations, Perception, & Action
Gavin Buckingham & Jennifer Corns

December 10th 2012 4PM
Physiology and Pathophysiology of Olfaction
Thomas Hummel and Barry Smith

December 3rd 2012 5PM
Crossmodal correspondences: Crossmodal grouping by similarity or a weak form of synaesthesia that is common to us all?
Charles Spence

November 26th 2012 4PM
What is the Scope of Aesthetic Experience?
Nicholas Silins & Lars Muckli

October 15th 2012 4PM
"What colours do the colour blind really see?"
Alexander Logvinenko & Derek Brown

June 8th 2012 4PM
From subliminal perception to conscious access: cognitive and neuronal mechanisms
Sid Kouider

May 21st 2012 4PM
Fusing the sight and sound of swing-groove in the brains of drummers
Frank E. Pollick

April 30th 2012 4PM
Perceiving the passing of time
Ian Phillips

April 23rd 2012 4PM
Spatial cognition and sensory substitution
Malika Auvray

April 16th 2012 4PM
Intention and Motor Representation
Stephen Butterfill

March 26th 2012 4PM
Embodied inference
Karl Friston & Andy Clark

February 27th 2012 4PM
"Passing spontaneous-answer false belief tasks in infancy by reading others’ motor intentions"
Marco Fenici

May 23rd 2011 4PM
"Perception, Action, and the Extended Mind"
Michael Wheeler

March 22nd 2011 4PM
"Temporal Illusions - Some Philosophical Considerations"
Sean Power

March 7th 2011 4PM
"Interacting minds: miracle or disaster? What could each one tell us?"
Bahador Bahrami

May 17th 2010 4PM
"Image and Content in Sensory Representation"
Mohan Matthen

April 19th 2010 4PM
"He is Not My Father," and "That is Not My Arm" - Making Sense of Delusional Misidentifications
William Hirstein

April 12th 2010 4PM
"Phenomenal Intentionality and the Modular Mind"
Maciej Witek

March 22nd 2010 4PM
"In the eye of the beholder "
Philippe G. Schyns

March 15th 2010 4PM
"The expressive face-unculus: Localizing and interpreting the dynamics of facial feature encoding from MEG data"
Nicola J. van Rijsbergen

March 1st 2010 4PM
"Deeper Than Beliefs: Cognitive Science and Religious Intuitions"
Jesse Bering

February 15th 2010 4PM
"In Defence of Colour Realism"
Alexander Logvinenko

January 18th 2010 4PM
"Seeing Through"
Clare MacCumhaill

December 14th 2009 4PM
"The Context of Early Vision"
Fraser W. Smith

December 7th 2009 4PM
"Afterlife Beliefs: Priming and Category Effects"
Suzanne Lock & Jude Bek

November 2nd 2009 4PM
The Evidence for Phenomenal Consciousness In The Absence of Access Consciousness
Stuart Crutchfield

October 19th 2009 4PM
How the brain makes up the world: the example of Apparent Motion
Petra Vetter

October 5th 2009 4PM
Cognitive Penetration of Colour Experience: Rethinking the Issue in Light of an Indirect Mechanism
Fiona Macpherson