Neuroscience & Psychology Postgraduate Society Seminars

April 23rd 2015 2PM
"Do you see what I see?" Attentional bias to urge-inducing hair cues in people with trichotillomania.
Judith L. Stevenson

March 12th 2015 2PM
Investigating whether visual feedback activity is local or global within the primary visual cortex
Heather McClelland

February 12th 2015 2PM
EEG investigation of the oscillatory fingerprints of the Rubber Hand Illusion
Isa Shashikala Rao

January 29th 2015 2PM
Yulia feat. 3D printed brain – Tips for Public Engagement
Yulia Revina

October 7th 2014 12PM
To be announced

June 7th 2013 12PM
Trichotillomania - how biased are you?
Judith L. Stevenson

April 26th 2013 12:15PM
Advantages, Limitations and Challenges of using Mixed Methods
Niamh Friel

April 26th 2013 12PM
Three years of faces
Heather Cursiter

April 19th 2013 12PM
Culture shapes interbrain synchronization during human goal decoding
Luca Vizioli

April 5th 2013 12PM
The Differences between Facial Expression Perception in Occupational Groups: A Personality Organisational Fit Analysis
Caspar Krampe

March 22nd 2013 12PM
Beyond your Psychology PhD
Katrina Gardner

March 22nd 2013 11:45AM
Mapping the conceptual landscape of emotions across cultures
Rebecca Pratchett

March 15th 2013 12PM
An investigation on the possibility of retrospective mind-reading from face photographs.
Yiwei Zhang

February 22nd 2013 12PM
The Human Connectome Project
Fiona McGruer

February 15th 2013 12PM
Ignoring Task Irrelevant Information in Younger and Older Adults: An ERP Study
Hannah Gilman

February 13th 2013 12PM
To be announced

June 29th 2012 12PM
An Attempt to Explain Multivariate Bayes Analysis
Paddy Ross

June 22nd 2012 12PM
Trichotillomania: something to be ashamed of?
Judith L. Stevenson

June 15th 2012 12PM
Perception of affect in social interactions from human motion and voice.
Lukasz Piwek

June 8th 2012 12PM
Prosody and Plausibility in Relative clause attachment - Interim conclusions after 3 years
Daniela Zahn

April 20th 2012 12PM
What is available from the Counselling & Psychological Service?
Dr Lindsey Wilson

April 13th 2012 12PM
Conflict of Interest in non-pharmacological research: How biased are you?
Kirsty Ainsworth

March 30th 2012 12PM
On the development of experimental paradigms for the study of cognitive strategies used to improve performance in prospective memory
Gabriela Cruz

March 23rd 2012 12PM
Is media coverage of psychological research always a good thing?
Joseph McCarthy

February 24th 2012 12:30PM
Fluctuations in visual awareness: motion-induced blindness and binocular rivalry
Katarzyna Jaworska

February 24th 2012 12:15PM
Can you judge a "crook" by their cover?
Joseph McCarthy

February 24th 2012 12PM
Age related differences in visual episodic memory: An ERP study
Sadia Shah

February 17th 2012 12:15PM
How do we integrate information optimally from various senses?
Michael Puntiroli

February 17th 2012 12PM
An MEG investigation of word frequency.
Anna Murray

February 10th 2012 12PM
Neurocriminology, putting the brain on trial
Amer Karadsheh

January 20th 2012 12:15PM
Finding a Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease: Evidence from EEG and fMRI.
Cerne Felstead

January 20th 2012 12PM
"Why women can't lose fat"
Peter Moore

December 9th 2011 12PM
When do we make judgements of attractiveness about people?
Heather Cursiter

December 2nd 2011 12PM
Are women simply better (on a Monday)?
David A. Ellis

November 18th 2011 12PM
The Effects of personality on juror sentencing decisions: An analysis using the Five Factor Model
Amy Albright

November 11th 2011 12PM
The RHI and Predictive Coding: How to Freak Out Your Brain In 2 Easy Steps
Fiona McGruer

November 4th 2011 12PM
Introduction to RAPG Seminars
Cerne Felstead

August 12th 2011 12PM
Demonstration of e-receipts
Rachael E. Jack

June 10th 2011 12PM
You, me and The Scottish Government
David A. Ellis

May 27th 2011 12PM
Does arousal lead to pulling
Judith L. Stevenson

April 15th 2011 12PM
Brains, zombies and violence: how to use guerilla advertising and social media to communicate our research?
Lukasz Piwek

April 8th 2011 12PM
"Do you have any magic questions?" How to do research with organizations
Eleanor Rutherford

March 25th 2011 12PM
Applying for conference funding
Louise Beattie

March 4th 2011 12PM
Sensory Sensitivities in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Ashley E. Robertson

February 25th 2011 12:30PM
Progression changes
Rob Jenkins

February 25th 2011 12PM
Career possibilities with a Psychology PhD
Katrina Gray

February 18th 2011 12PM
Linguistic conflict resolution in the brain: Domain-specific vs. domain-general processes in conflict-driven pronoun resolution
Sibylle Mohr

February 4th 2011 12PM
Why are you doing research?

January 28th 2011 12:15PM
Development of Voice Selective Brain Areas and Affective Voice Perception through Childhood and Adolescence; an fMRI study
Enikő Zsoldos

January 28th 2011 12PM
Activation of voice-selective brain areas in response to written and auditory quotations
Bo Yao

December 3rd 2010 12PM
Modulating the shift of attention in negative sentences: Evidence from Visual-world paradigm
Isabel Orenes

November 26th 2010 12:15PM
Single-trial modelling of top-down visual processing: task constraints modulate early ERP noise sensitivity
Kacper Wieczorek

November 26th 2010 12PM
Solving the passport problem: Improving photo identification processes
David White

November 19th 2010 12:15PM
The relationship between striatal volume changes in adolescents as measured by MRI and their engagement in risky behaviour
Kate Sully

November 12th 2010 12:15PM
The Transference of Predictive Signals Across Saccades
Grace Edwards

November 12th 2010 12PM
How well do you know Rob Jenkins?! A look at the difficulties in face identification
Heather Cursiter

November 5th 2010 12:15PM
Neural processing of social traits from voices: A multivariate searchlight fMRI study
Phil McAleer

November 5th 2010 12PM
Sleep restriction therapy for insomnia - no pain no gain?
Chris Miller

October 29th 2010 12PM
Dos and Don'ts of Research
Phil McAleer, Ben Harkin & others!

October 22nd 2010 12PM
How to Prezi – An introduction to a Powerpoint alternative
Dominic Thompson

October 15th 2010 12:15PM
The role of Fourier phase and amplitude spectrum in image categorisation
Magdalena Bieniek

October 15th 2010 12PM
Is today Wednesday? Cognitive confusion surrounding the current day
David A. Ellis

October 8th 2010 12PM
Investigating Synchrony Perception of Audiovisual Speech With a Continuous Carry-over fMRI Design
Scott Love

September 24th 2010 12:15PM
Heather Woods

September 24th 2010 12PM
The Get-passive: A text-change experiment
Dominic Thompson

June 25th 2010 12:30PM
Cross-modal associative learning in non-synaesthets
Flor Kusnir

June 25th 2010 12:15PM
Emotion recognition across the day in normal and poor sleepers
Louise Beattie

June 11th 2010 12:15PM
Investigating neural differentiation of expected reward and risk (in human subcortical structures)
Emanuele De Luca

May 14th 2010 12PM
The role of the right posterior parietal cortex in spatial perception investigated with low-frequency repetitive TMS
Myrle Kemperman

April 30th 2010 12:15PM
Optimal viewing position for the facial recognition: an ERP study
Junpeng Lao

April 30th 2010 12PM
Tearing your hair out? Let's get to the root of the problem!
Judith L. Stevenson

April 16th 2010 12PM
Neural repetition suppression is abolished for other-race faces
Luca Vizioli

April 9th 2010 12PM
"Saccade processing in hemispatial neglect"
Larissa Szymanek

March 19th 2010 12PM
Faces, Bubbles, ERPs and the lot... - Task effects on facial encoding during the N170 potential
Luisa S. Frei

February 26th 2010 12PM
Embodied Cognition: 'Thank God it's Friday'
David A. Ellis

February 19th 2010 12PM
Blinking brains: Neural correlates of raised expectations in RSVP streams
Sarah Mohammed

January 15th 2010 12PM
'I can hear you - so what?- Prosodic Priming of Relative Clause attachments'
Daniela Zahn

December 4th 2009 12:15PM
Synaesthete or not - do we all see vowels in colours and shades?
Anja Moos

November 27th 2009 12PM
Audiovisual integration of social signals from dyadic point-light displays
Lukasz Piwek

November 20th 2009 12PM
To be or not to be …a transvestite: individual differences in voice simulation in reported speech. Preliminary evidences
Bo Yao

November 13th 2009 12PM
Grant writing as an additional task
Nienke Hoogenboom

October 16th 2009 12PM
Hierarchical organisation of voice perception
Ian Charest

October 9th 2009 12PM
Error detection and Repair: a neurocognitive perspective on syntactic and semantic processing
Sibylle Mohr

October 2nd 2009 12PM
HOW TO: RA wikipage
Nienke Hoogenboom

June 19th 2009 12PM
A mighty wee pause?! The effect of a prosodic phrase boundary on relative clause attachment.
Daniela Zahn

May 29th 2009 12PM
Emotion processing with sleep disruption.
Louise Beattie

May 22nd 2009 12PM
Timeslip - what makes us tick-tock?
David A. Ellis

May 8th 2009 12PM
The voice perception assessment: a short battery asssessing vocal processing ability.
Rebecca Watson

March 27th 2009 12:15PM
How to use the Grid.
John McClure

March 6th 2009 12:15PM
ERPs to hard and easy anomalies: Does the late positivity reflect confidence?
Yuko Hijikata

March 6th 2009 12PM
Actor-based models of facial action.
Oliver G. B. Garrod

February 27th 2009 12:15PM
Oculomotor inhibition in elderly subjects and stroke patients
Larissa Szymanek

February 27th 2009 12PM
Sequential Identity Parades: A Step in the Right Direction?
Louisa Cliff

February 13th 2009 12:15PM
Inverting Faces Elicits Sensitivity to Race on the N170 Component: a Cross-Cultural Study.
Luca Vizioli

February 6th 2009 12:15PM
Keep on dancing! .. And the spectator will respond.
Corinne Jola

January 16th 2009 12PM
Can you meditate away your blink?
Sarah Mohammed

December 5th 2008 12PM
Bottom-up and Top-down Influences on Facial Information Encoding
Luisa S. Frei

November 21st 2008 12:15PM
Biological Motion Processing and some Preliminary fMRI results in people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Lawrie McKay

November 14th 2008 12PM
Evaluating and training CCTV Operators via brain imaging and eye-tracking
Phil McAleer

November 7th 2008 12:15PM
Can a visual form agnosic patient swat a mosquito?
Stephanie Rossit

November 7th 2008 12PM
Size: Does it matter?
Christopher J. Hand

October 31st 2008 12PM
Examining the butcher in the bus phenomenon
Graham MacKenzie

October 24th 2008 12PM
Framing effects in language comprehension
Joanne Ingram

October 17th 2008 12PM
Novel Demonstrations of the Composite Effect in Face Perception
David White

June 20th 2008 12:30PM
Creating audio-visual stimuli and testing the MLE cue combination model.
Scott Love

June 20th 2008 12PM
Selective attention to sleep in heavy and light social drinkers.
Heather Woods

June 13th 2008 12PM
Insensitivity to goemetric stretching in face recognition: incompatible with configural processing?
Romy J. Dunbar

May 30th 2008 12PM
Face Processing during a Gender Categorization Task
Luisa S. Frei

May 23rd 2008 12PM
Saccadic inhibition in elderly people and neglect patients.
Larissa Szymanek

May 2nd 2008 12PM
"Human and chimpanzee preferences for fairness and self-interest in the ultimatum game."
Irving J. Howie

April 25th 2008 12PM
Expectations & the Attentional Blink
Sarah Mohammed

February 29th 2008 12PM
Are Video ID parades superior to Traditional ID parades?
Louisa Cliff

February 22nd 2008 12PM
The "VP1": an early voice-preferential electrophysiological response.
Ian Charest

February 15th 2008 12PM
Eigenmaps and Eigenfaces: A mixed multivariate analysis of Bubbles and EEG
Oliver G. B. Garrod

February 1st 2008 12PM
Use of Facial Features by the Brain to Recognise Facial Expressions of Emotion
Lucy S. Petro

January 25th 2008 12PM
Is it better to be a dwarf or a clown?
Christopher J. Hand

January 18th 2008 12PM
Cognitive sensitivity to mirror reversal of familiar faces
David White

December 7th 2007 12PM
The Expertise Paradox: A Categorization Advantage for Other-Race Faces
Rachael E. Jack

November 30th 2007 12PM
Complement set focussing without quantifiers.
Joanne Ingram

November 16th 2007 12PM
Quantifying the contribution of Configural Cues in Direction Discrimination of Point Light Walkers
Lawrie McKay

October 26th 2007 12PM
Bilateral deficits in re-mapping locations for hand movements in patients with hemispatial neglect.
Stephanie Rossit

October 19th 2007 12PM
Bribing old people with cakes.
Jessica Price

October 12th 2007 12PM
Autism, animacy and the kitchen sink.
Phil McAleer

June 7th 2007 12PM
Electrophysiological responses to voice gender
Ian Charest

June 1st 2007 12PM
Countdown to sleep: the role of time in insomnia
Heather Woods

May 11th 2007 12PM
Aligned perspective in spontaneous hand gestures
Tracy J. MacLeod

May 4th 2007 12PM
Cognitive representations of faces specify lateral orientation
David White

April 27th 2007 12PM
Anomaly detection in Limericks: Evidence from pupillary responses
Sibylle Mohr

April 20th 2007 12PM
The Irritated Lecturer, the Angry Doctor and the Frustrated Politician
Joanne Ingram

March 16th 2007 12PM
The Vulnerable Witnesses Act: Protecting Witnesses?
Louisa Cliff

March 9th 2007 12PM
The Attentional Bias to Threat in Anxiety: Symptomatic of an Automatic Attentive Orienting Response or a Difficulty Disengaging Attention?
Catherine McGrory

March 2nd 2007 12PM
Use of Facial Features by the Brain to Recognise Facial Expressions of Emotion
Lucy S. Petro

February 23rd 2007 12PM
Word skipping behaviour in normal reading: Evidence from eye movements
Christopher J. Hand

February 16th 2007 12PM
Towards re-interpreting hemispatial neglect: a lesion in the right posterior temporal lobe spares automatic but not intentional motor control
Stephanie Rossit

February 9th 2007 12PM
The effects of Logical Subordination on Healthy Ageing
Jessica Price

February 2nd 2007 12PM
Time-frequency information mapping over the complex plane: Limitations of spectral power analysis
Oliver G. B. Garrod

January 19th 2007 12PM
Comprehending Counterfactuals: Investigating interference from real-world knowledge
Heather J. Ferguson

December 8th 2006 12PM
Emotion Words

November 24th 2006 12PM
Presuppositions and Bridging in Intensional Contexts
Francesca Delogu

November 17th 2006 12PM
Face Matching Strategies
Catriona Havard

November 10th 2006 12PM
Fmri and bubbles - initial results
Fraser W. Smith

November 3rd 2006 12PM
Biological Motion Processing in Autistic Spectrum Conditions
Lawrie McKay

October 27th 2006 12PM
Attentional modulations in the processing of relevant and irrelevant stimulus dimensions (ongoing work)
Ian G. MacKenzie

October 20th 2006 12PM
Implicit learning and syntactic priming using unfamiliar language materials
Andriy Myachykov

March 17th 2006 12PM
Can action influence perception in hemispatial neglect?
Stephanie Rossit

March 10th 2006 12PM
Attentional focus in discourse processing in healthy aging
Jessica Price

February 17th 2006 12PM
"Beyond Bubbles: Techniques and Directions for Mapping Information Processing in the Brain"
Oliver G. B. Garrod

February 10th 2006 12PM
'The separation of grammar and meaning in sentence interpretation'
Peter Ward

February 3rd 2006 12PM
No primacy effect for familiar faces: A rare advantage for unfamiliar people
David White

December 9th 2005 12PM
Biological Motion Processing in ASCs
Lawrie McKay

November 25th 2005 12PM
Comprehending Counterfactuals: When is it ok to brush your teeth with a broom or wash your hair with margarine
Heather J. Ferguson

November 18th 2005 12PM
Looking and looking away
Stephen H. Butler

November 11th 2005 12PM
On the time course of facial identity and expression processing: Inference from the LRP
Ulla Martens

November 4th 2005 12PM
Emotional stroop effect
Thomas Dresler

October 28th 2005 12PM
Understanding Intention from Minimal Displays of Human Activity
Phil McAleer

October 21st 2005 12PM
Temporal dynamics of the motion aftereffect
Lisa O'Kane

July 1st 2005 12PM
Does the 5-HT7 receptor mediate phase advances to sleep deprivation/arousal in the Syrian hamster?
Andrew C. McCourt

May 13th 2005 12PM
Recognising faces seen alone or with others: When two heads are worse than one
Ahmed M. Megreya

May 6th 2005 12PM
Influence of Spatial Frequency on the Bilateral Advantage for Famous Faces
Lyndsay Baird

April 22nd 2005 12PM
A group gesture
Tracy J. MacLeod

April 15th 2005 12PM
Reading into right hemisphere ageing
Stephen H. Butler

March 18th 2005 12PM
Switching between tasks- Performance costs and perceptual processing
Ian G. MacKenzie

March 4th 2005 12PM
The effect of clause type on depth of semantic processing
Alice J. Cassou de Saint-Mathurin

February 25th 2005 12PM
Processing Emotional Words

February 18th 2005 12PM
The effects of syntactic load on change-detection
Jessica Price

February 11th 2005 12PM
Do we view inverted faces the same way we view upright faces?
Catriona Havard

January 14th 2005 12PM
Animacy: Is it how we view it?
Phil McAleer

December 10th 2004 12PM
Linguistic Focus and Implicit Cognition
Peter Ward

December 3rd 2004 12PM
The influence of temporal offset noise on perception of possible vs. impossible body and limb movements
Maria Tzoneva-Hadjigeorgieva

November 26th 2004 12PM
Linguistic Focus and Depth of Processing: Evidence from Eye-Movements
Heather J. Ferguson

November 19th 2004 12PM
The discrete stages of face processing
Marie L. Smith

November 12th 2004 12PM
Robust Representations for Face Recognition
David White

November 5th 2004 12PM
Neural markers of conscious and unconscious face perception
Ulla Martens

October 29th 2004 12PM
Providing Remote Accessible Field Trips
Dermot Bergin

October 22nd 2004 12PM
The effects of altering serotonin levels and synchronization to environmental changes
Maria Gardani

October 16th 2004 12PM
Some recent work using the flicker paradigm to measure attentional bias in social drinkers
Gillian Bruce