Cognitive Neuroscience Talks

May 19th 2010 12PM
Developmental origins of the social brain in infancy
Dr Tobias Grossman

March 31st 2010 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* ‘Bubbles and Voice: acoustical features, behaviour and brain function linked by reversed correlation’
Ian Charest

March 24th 2010 12:30PM
*CCNi Project Review* ‘Social Alignment through Synchronization - a preliminary fMRI study’
Laura Menenti

March 24th 2010 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* ‘Atypical Cross-modal Sensations in Synaesthetes as Assessed by MEG’
Flor Kusnir

March 10th 2010 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* "A Head Direction System in the Human Brain"
Michael Smith

February 17th 2010 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* ‘ORE- Investigating same - vs. other-race Face Representations in the Visual Cortex’
Luca Vizioli

February 10th 2010 1PM
Neuromagnetic correlates of face processing in normal and impaired cases
Dr. Christian Dobel

February 10th 2010 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* ‘Neural Dynamics Underlying Individual and Joint-Action Task Performance’
Heng-Ru May Tan

February 3rd 2010 12PM
Dynamics of ménage à trois in moving plaid ambiguous plaid perception
Jean-Michel Hupé

January 27th 2010 2PM
*CCNi Debate* Final Meeting re: CogNeuro Presentations 'Does BOLD fMRI reveal Pseudo Neuronal Activity?'

December 16th 2009 12:30PM
*CCNi Project Review* ‘Social Alignment through Synchronization’
Nienke Hoogenboom

December 16th 2009 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* ‘fMRI Investigation of the Representation of Voices’
Marianne Latinus

December 14th 2009 1:30PM
*CCNi pre-debate Presentation* Sirotin YB, Das A. (2009) Anticipatory haemodynamic signals in sensory cortex not predicted by local neuronal activity. Nature. 22;457(7228):475-9
Heng-Ru May Tan

December 14th 2009 1PM
*CCNi pre-debate Presentation* Viswanathan A, Freeman RD. (2007) Neurometabolic coupling in cerebral cortex reflects synaptic more than spiking activity. Nat Neurosci.;10(10):1308-12.
Phil McAleer

December 9th 2009 12:30PM
*CCNi Project Review* ‘The Precuneus Role in Third-person Perspective of Social Interaction’
Frank E. Pollick

December 9th 2009 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* ‘Neural Correlates of Gaze Perception’
Susan Beaton

December 7th 2009 1PM
*CCNi Pre-debate Presentation* Lauritzen M. (2005) Reading vascular changes in brain imaging: is dendritic calcium the key? Nat Rev Neurosci 2005;6:77-85
Petra Vetter

December 2nd 2009 11AM
MRI Safety Regulations Talk
Frances Crabbe

November 30th 2009 1:15PM
*CCNi Pre-debate Presentation* Logothetis NK. (2008) Nature. What we can do and what we cannot do with fMRI. 453(7197):869-78 Goense and Logothetis (2008) Neurophysiology of the BOLD fMRI Signal in Awake Monkeys. Current Biology 18, 631–640 Niessing,
Nienke Hoogenboom

November 25th 2009 12PM
MRI Safety Regulations
Barrie Condon

October 28th 2009 12PM
An introduction to spectroscopy
John McLean

October 18th 2009 12PM
MRI Safety Regulations
Barrie Condon

October 14th 2009 12PM
Markers of Excitatory-Inhibitory Balance Related to the Processing of Sounds
Nathan Weisz

October 7th 2009 12:30PM
*CCNi Project Review* "Classification of Auditory Scene Stimuli in Visual Cortex"
Petra Vetter

October 7th 2009 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* "Embodied Language Comprehension in Reported Speech: Studies with fMRI"
Bo Yao

September 9th 2009 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* “A Comparative Study of Cerebral Voice Processing”
Pascal Belin

September 2nd 2009 12PM
"Cultural Concepts of Emotion - a look at the minds eye", Social Interactions Project Scientific Presentation
Rachael E. Jack

August 17th 2009 12PM
A voice region in the monkey brain
Chris Petkov

July 1st 2009 12PM
"Vocal attractiveness perception: behavioural and MRI results", Social Interactons Project
Patricia Bestelmeyer

June 16th 2009 12:30PM
Spatially and frequency specific biasing of visual detection through rhythmic TMS over occipito-parietal sites: Evidence for a causal role of posterior alpha-oscillations in sensory selection
Gregor Thut & Vincenzo Romei

June 16th 2009 12PM
Early Visual Sensitivity to Diagnostic Information during the Processing of Facial Expressions
Lucy S. Petro

June 10th 2009 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* “Event-related potentials can reveal the precise time course of contextual predictability effects”
Christopher J. Hand

May 27th 2009 12PM
The enhanced brain excitability induced by watching dance depends upon spectators’ visual experience
Corinne Jola

May 20th 2009 1PM
Steady-state and transient visual responses: are they the same?
Almudena Capilla

May 13th 2009 12:30PM
*CCNi Project Review* “A Closer Look at Depth of Processing”
Philip Collard

May 13th 2009 12PM
*CCNi Project Review* “Cerebral Bases of Multimodal Gender Perception”
Rebecca Watson

May 6th 2009 1PM
Social Interactions Project Scientific Meeting "What are they doing? Detection of social interaction from dyadic point-light displays" by Karin Petrini and "How to assess interactive alignment during verbal exchanges" by Branka Milivojevic.
Simon C. Garrod

April 29th 2009 1PM
How many can you see at a glance? Attentional requirements of visual enumeration
Petra Vetter

April 22nd 2009 1PM
Other-Race Faces All Look Alike to Me and My N170
Luca Vizioli

April 1st 2009 1PM
Social Interactions Project Scientific Meeting 'Dynamics of representational changes in the Brain . . .' - Nicola Van Rijsbergen & 'Universality and cultural diversity in first impressions from faces' - Roberto Caldara
Simon C. Garrod

March 25th 2009 1PM
Neurovascular coupling? – the standard model of BOLD signal challenged
Lars Muckli

March 18th 2009 1PM
The processing of facial expressions: automatic or task-dependent?
Luisa S. Frei

March 11th 2009 1PM
*"Voice perception explained"*: neural evidence providing support for the voice perception model
Ian Charest

March 4th 2009 1PM
Controlling for interstimulus perceptual variance abolishes N170 face selectivity
Pascal Belin

February 25th 2009 1PM
Repetition priming of facial identity with antiface adaptation: A proposed N250r study
Graham MacKenzie

February 18th 2009 1PM
Are the effects of stimulus orientation on N170 category specific?
Branka Milivojevic

February 11th 2009 1PM
Learning motor actions by observing others: The roles of the mirror neuron system and prefrontal cortex
Dr Stefan Vogt

February 10th 2009 1PM
Contextual association network and retinotopic visual areas (V1, V3a) involved in prediction of movements in natural visual scenes
Fabiana Mesquita De Carvalho

January 28th 2009 1PM
Round table on gamma band oscillations
Joachim, Jan-Mathijs, Guillaume and Roberto

January 21st 2009 1PM
Microsaccades and gamma band oscillations
Roberto Caldara

January 20th 2009 1PM
EEG studies on gamma band oscillations
Guillaume A. Rousselet

January 14th 2009 1PM
Animal and MEG studies on gamma band oscillations
Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen

January 13th 2009 1PM
Basics of wavelet analyses
Joachim Gross

December 17th 2008 1PM
Age-related delay in information accrual for faces: Evidence from a parametric, single-trial EEG approach
Guillaume A. Rousselet

December 10th 2008 1PM
Neuronic Source Localizer: software for estimating the inverse solution through different methods
Ileana Quinones

December 3rd 2008 1PM
Caret in practice
Dr Cyril Pernet

November 26th 2008 1PM
Deep Brain Stimulation as a method of treating Schizophrenia
Colin Waddell

November 25th 2008 1PM
One sound, two percepts: Predicting future speech perception from brain activation during audiovisual exposure
Niclas Kilian-Hütten

November 19th 2008 1PM
Neuroimaging of expectations in the Attentional Blink
Sarah Mohammed

November 12th 2008 1PM
Society for Neuroscience previews
Fabiana Mesquita De Carvalho & Franck Pollick

November 5th 2008 1PM
Functional biomarkers in Alzheimer's disease
Kerry W. Kilborn

October 29th 2008 1PM
Eye Movement Strategies in Easterners and Westerners
Rachael E. Jack

October 22nd 2008 1PM
In search for the referent: How eye tracking and electrophysiological measurements may reveal the role of different discourse constructional factors in anaphor resolution.
Dr. Monique Lamers

October 20th 2008 3PM
Seeing by ear: auditory perception abilities and brain plasticity following complete vision loss
Catherine Wan

October 8th 2008 1PM
Brain connectivity in MEEG: does it exist?
Jan-Mathijs Schoffelen

August 20th 2008 2PM
The psychological and neurophysiological mechanisms of pain perception
Marc-Olivier Martel

May 28th 2008 1PM
TMS studies of the face processing network
David Pitcher

May 21st 2008 1PM
The Cognitive Neuroscience of the Human Voice
Ian Charest

May 7th 2008 1PM
On-line and off-line visuomotor behaviour in hemispatial neglect
Stephanie Rossit

April 23rd 2008 1PM
Simple recipes to ensure the robustness of ANOVAs, pairwise comparisons, and linear regressions - or how to bootstrap your GLM
Guillaume A. Rousselet

April 16th 2008 1PM
Mechanistic modelling of the neocortex - insights into non-invasive signals
Michael A. Dempster

April 9th 2008 1PM
Voice Recognition
Marianne Latinus

April 2nd 2008 1PM
A parametric hierarchical EEG approach to study object processing speed in younger and older observers
Guillaume A. Rousselet

March 26th 2008 1PM
Neurofunctional and psychophysical follow-up of audiovisual speech perception in deaf cochlear implant subjects
Julien Rouger

February 28th 2008 2PM
"From Where to How: A Research Pathfinding in Mapping Connectivity Networks"
Paolo Belardinelli

February 27th 2008 1PM
Language-specific signals of affect and identity in voice neuroscience research: confound or opportunity?
Bob Ladd

February 13th 2008 1PM
Eigenmaps and Eigenfaces: A mixed multivariate analysis of Bubbles and EEG
Oliver G. B. Garrod

January 21st 2008 1PM
The processing of facial expressions: automatic or task-dependent?
Luisa S. Frei

December 12th 2007 1PM
Probability summation and phase spectrum are sufficient to support animal detection in multiple scenes.
Carl M. Gaspar

November 28th 2007 1PM
Rhythms of the brain - Cycle 3
Guillaume A. Rousselet

October 30th 2007 1PM
Rhythms of the brain - Cycle 2
Lars Muckli

October 17th 2007 1PM
Rhythms of the brain - Cycle 1
Rachael E. Jack

July 4th 2007 1PM
Using psychophysics and facial statistics to understand the information underlying face identification
Carl Gaspar

March 28th 2007 1PM
Electrophysiological markers of voice gender
Ian Charest

March 14th 2007 1PM
Does a Fast, Fear-Related, Subcortical Visual Pathway to the Amygdala exist? Counter-evidences from Affective Blindsight and Monkey’s LFPs
Sara L. Gonzalez Andino

March 7th 2007 1PM
Imaging of the Brain: fMRI preprocessing, fMRI statistics (glm)
Dr Jesper Andersson

February 21st 2007 1PM
Language Processing and Human voice perception in Schizophrenia: an fMRI study
Dr. Michihiko Koeda

February 14th 2007 1PM
The associative mechanisms underlying the identification of people : electrophysiological and functional cerebral imaging studies
Frédéric Joassin, Ph.D.

January 31st 2007 1PM
Information integration over the N170
Philippe G. Schyns

December 13th 2006 1PM
Real-world interference in counterfactual and negated worlds: Eye-movements, ERP & Time-frequency analysis
Heather J. Ferguson

December 6th 2006 1PM
Voice Production and Perception: Between phylogenetic data and sociocultural models
Laetitia Bruckert

November 22nd 2006 1PM
[Postponed] Morphing faces: a demonstration of psychomorph
Ian Charest

November 15th 2006 1PM
discussion of: "Neural Representation of Task Difficulty and Decision Making during Perceptual Categorization: A Timing Diagram"
Guillaume A. Rousselet

November 1st 2006 1PM
On the use of functional regions of interest, discussion around the 'comments and controversies' published in neuroimage 30 (2006)
Cyril Pernet

October 24th 2006 1PM
The neuronal and behavioural bases of active touch and tactile working memory
Amanda Kaas

October 11th 2006 1PM
Chronic neural noise: A possible neural basis of autism spectrum disorders
David R. Simmons

May 31st 2006 1PM
Neural substrates for imitation at different levels of action description in the human brain revealed by fMRI adaptation
Vaia Lestou

April 26th 2006 1PM
Discussion on: Eye gaze does not produce reflexive shifts of attention: Evidence from frontal-lobe damage
Markus Bindemann

March 29th 2006 1PM
Stimulus selectivity: when task matters
Cyril Pernet

March 15th 2006 1PM
The BOLD signal: interpretations and limitations
Cyril Pernet

March 1st 2006 1PM
Synchronization and causality between biological oscillations
Bojan Musizza

November 30th 2005 1PM
The effects of prior use of MDMA(Ecstasy) on specific executive functions.
Richard I. Dafters

November 16th 2005 1PM
Discussion on "A mechanism for cognitive dynamics: neuronal communication through neuronal coherence". Article by Pascal Fries, TICS, 2005
Marie L. Smith

November 2nd 2005 1PM
Advanced MR Techniques
Barrie Condon

October 19th 2005 1PM
Discussion on "Timing of the brain events underlying access to consciousness during the attentional blink" by Sergent, Baillet and Dehaene ---- The PDF of the presentation is available for download
Klaus Kessler

April 20th 2005 1PM
Parietal lobe contributions to response inhibition
Monika Harvey

March 2nd 2005 1PM
Behavioral and electrophysiological effects of famous face repetition
Ulla Martens

February 16th 2005 1PM
Attention bias to faces
Markus Bindemann

December 1st 2004 1PM
The effects of alcohol on orienting of attention: Evidence from an event-related potential study
Tracy J. Cooper

November 22nd 2004 1PM
Do we only queue and share? Mechanisms underlying dual-task interference.[CANCELLED]
Ines Jentzsch

November 17th 2004 1PM
Neural representations of faces
Stefan R. Schweinberger

October 20th 2004 1PM
What is wrong with hand and foot? Paradoxical lateralization and a new paradox.
Hartmut Leuthold

February 18th 2004 12AM
Face Prototypes: Stable but also Flexible?
Claus-C. Carbon

February 4th 2004 12AM
The investigation of the "other-race" effect: From brain waves to artificial neuronal networks
Roberto Caldara

January 22nd 2004 12AM
Isolating the Top-Down Component of Perceptual Learning
Frédéric Gosselin

January 21st 2004 12AM
Attention & the speed of information processing
Elizabeth Ann Bonnar

December 10th 2003 12AM
Person perception in typical and atypical infants and children: form, movement and meaning.
Derek Moore

December 3rd 2003 12AM
Transmitting and decoding facial expression of emotion
Marie L. Smith

November 19th 2003 12AM
Using space and time to modulate categorisation of human movements
Helena M. Paterson

October 29th 2003 12AM
Response biases and fixation patterns in the processing of gender based chimeric faces
Stephen H. Butler

February 26th 2003 12AM
Interactions between the processing of facial identity and emotional expression? Factors influencing orthogonal interference when applying Garner\'s paradigm of selective attention to face stimuli.
Juergen M. Kaufmann

February 12th 2003 12AM
Movements and faces in the perception of emotion
Helena M. Paterson

January 22nd 2003 12AM
Measures of implicit social cognition: The Brain\'s response
Hartmut Leuthold

December 18th 2002 12AM
The involvement of parietal areas in human imitation of arm movements
Vaia Lestou

December 11th 2002 12AM
Repetition Priming may not be what it seems
Rob Jenkins

November 6th 2002 12AM
Facial familiarity facilitates the decision about emotional expression
Nele Wild-Wall

October 16th 2002 12AM
Brain potentials reflect impaired and preserved cognitive operations in a case of prosopagnosia
Antonieta Bobes-Leon

October 15th 2002 12AM
Affective priming of faces - Evidence from behavioral and electrophysiological measures
Katja Werheid

May 29th 2002 12AM
Parallel preparation of hand and eye movements ???
Ines Jentzsch

May 15th 2002 12AM
Brain correlates of the processing of personal names
Stefan R. Schweinberger

May 1st 2002 12AM
Exploring information use in prosopagnosia
Philippe G. Schyns

April 17th 2002 12AM
The Neural Mechanisms of stereoscopic vision
David R. Simmons

March 6th 2002 12AM
There's more to spit than meets the eye! : psychological stress and salivary psychophysiology
John W. Hinton

February 20th 2002 12AM
Exploring semantic and name matching tasks with event related potentials
Vyvian Huddy

February 6th 2002 12AM
Lexical Ambiguity Resolution: Evidence from eye movements and ERPs
Sara C. Sereno

January 30th 2002 12AM
ERP priming effects in name recognition
Esther C. Pickering

January 16th 2002 12AM
Inhibitory processes in visual word recognition: Evidence from foveal and parafoveal form priming paradigms
Jeremy Pacht

January 9th 2002 12AM
Low-level resonance in imitative movements
Frank E. Pollick

December 5th 2001 12AM
Size Processing in Hemispatial Neglect
Monika Harvey

November 21st 2001 12AM
To see or not to see: A role for re-entrant visual processing
Hartmut Leuthold

November 7th 2001 12AM
Hemispheric Asymmetries in Repetition Priming of Proper Nouns
Amy Lisa Ramsay

October 31st 2001 12AM
Ontological Category Effects in Word Processing
Lorna I. Morrow

October 17th 2001 12AM
CogNeuro Group Social meeting (all are invited) Themes: New developments and planed projects
Stefan, Hartmut, Monika…

July 4th 2001 12AM
Sequence dependent Aftereffects in two-choice tasks: Testing different explanatory concepts
Ines Jentzsch

June 19th 2001 12AM
Clinical application of cognitive ERPs: Developing a diagnostic tool for Alzheimer's disease
Kerry W. Kilborn

June 6th 2001 12AM
Does face recognition depend on interhemispheric cell assemblies?
Margarethe Blümler

May 23rd 2001 12AM
Alcohol-related associations and ad lib consumption in social drinkers: beyond using rational responses
Barry T. Jones

May 2nd 2001 12AM
ERP correlates of person recognition in repetition priming studies
Esther C. Pickering

March 14th 2001 12AM
Parallel or sequential access to semantics and names of familiar faces? Evidence from RTs and ERPs
Stefan R. Schweinberger

February 28th 2001 12AM
Running out of time? Ecstasy and circadian clock function
Stephany M. Biello

February 14th 2001 12AM
Independent component analysis and its application to ERP data
Ines Jentzsch

January 31st 2001 12AM
Cerebral Lateralization and Bias on the Illumination Position
Pascal Mamassian

December 13th 2000 12AM
Brain correlates of information processing with(out) metacontrast masking
Hartmut Leuthold

November 29th 2000 12AM
The credit assignment problem
Philippe G. Schyns

November 15th 2000 12AM
Personal names and the right hemisphere: An illusory link?
Stefan R. Schweinberger

November 1st 2000 12AM
Modular vs integrated processing of facial identity and emotional expression
Juergen M. Kaufmann