Perception Journal Club

January 20th 2014 4PM
Attributing intentions to random motion engages the posterior superior temporal sulcus
Phil McAleer

November 25th 2013 4PM
On the discrepant results in synchrony judgment and temporal-order judgment tasks: a quantitative model
Frank E. Pollick

September 23rd 2013 4PM
Trial-by-trial updating of an internal reference in discrimination tasks: Evidence from effects of stimulus order and trial sequence.
Martin Lages

November 1st 2010 4PM
A new step towards understanding Embedded Figures Test performance in the autism spectrum: The radial frequency search task.
David R. Simmons

October 25th 2010 4PM
On the Inverse Problem of Binocular 3D Motion Perception
Martin Lages

October 18th 2010 4PM
Do rats perceive biological motion?
Lukasz Piwek

November 23rd 2009 4PM
Animated triangles: An eye tracking investigation by Klein, Zwickel, Prinz, Frith (2009) Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 62 (6), 1189 - 1197
Phil McAleer

November 9th 2009 4PM
Diagnosing and phenotyping visual synaesthesia: A preliminary evaluation of the revised test of genuineness (TOG-R) BY ASher, Aitken, Farooqi, Kurmani and Baron-Cohen (2006) Cortex, 42, 137 - 146
Anja Moos

October 26th 2009 4PM
Monkey visual behavior falls into the uncanny valley (2009) Shawn A. Steckenfinger and Asif A. Ghazanfar in PNAS
Lukasz Piwek

October 14th 2009 4PM
Motion-aftereffect-induced blindness
Martin Lages

March 10th 2008 4:15PM
Hysteresis effects in stereopsis and binocular rivalry
Ross Goutcher

March 10th 2008 4PM
Illusory Stimuli Can Be Used to Identify Retinal Blind Spots
Martin Lages

March 3rd 2008 4:15PM
Facial Expressions, Colours and Basic Emotions
Karin Petrini

February 25th 2008 4:15PM
Abnormal Adaptive Face-Coding Mechanisms in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
David R. Simmons

February 25th 2008 4PM
The Perception of Rational, Goal-Directed Action in Nonhuman Primates
Karin Petrini

February 18th 2008 4PM
Failure to Detect Mismatches Between Intention and Outcome in a Simple Decision Task
Rob Jenkins

December 3rd 2007 4:15PM
Emulation and mimicry for social interaction: A theoretical approach to imitation in autism
Frank E. Pollick

November 19th 2007 4:15PM
Uncertainty and Invariance in the Human Visual Cortex
Carl M. Gaspar

November 19th 2007 4PM
Prestimulus oscillations predict visual perception performance between and within subjects
Guillaume A. Rousselet

November 12th 2007 4:15PM
Vision as Bayesian inference: analysis by synthesis?
James M. Hillis

November 12th 2007 4PM
Cognitive Dissonance and the Perception of Natural Environments
Rob Jenkins

October 29th 2007 4:15PM
Visual perception and neural correlates of novel 'biological motion'
Lawrie McKay

October 22nd 2007 4:15PM
Audiovisual perception for music, speech and object actions
Karin Petrini

October 22nd 2007 4PM
Biological components of sex differences in color preference
David R. Simmons