Teaching Innovation & Learning Enhancement Network

May 18th 2021 4PM
Location: via Zoom
Fearless: The Afghan Girls Defying the Odds
Shabana Basij-Rasikh

November 24th 2020 4PM
Location: via Zoom
More Than 1+1: Supporting Highly Able Maths Minds In The Classroom
Prof Dr Marianne Nolte, Dr Elisabet Mellroth, Dr Andrew Wilson

November 18th 2020 4PM
Location: via Zoom
Exam Anxiety: Is it Something To Worry About?
Prof David Putwain

November 2nd 2020 4PM
Location: via Zoom
Influences On Early Mathematical Skills: What Counts?
Dr Victoria Simms

October 14th 2020 4PM
Location: via Zoom
Digital Learning In Our New Normal
Tim Beattie

June 15th 2020 4PM
Location: Zoom
10 Simple Rules For Supporting A Temporary Online Pivot
Dr Emily Nordmann & Dr Jill MacKay

May 21st 2020 4PM
Location: via Zoom
“I think I can”: Using Mindset-Based Interventions in the Classroom
Dr Yvonne Skipper

April 16th 2020 4PM
Location: via Zoom
Playful Learning in Professional Degrees: Horsing Around With Vet Students
Dr Jill MacKay

March 18th 2020 4PM
Location: via Zoom
How Do First-Year Psychology Students Study? Embedding Lecture Recording in Wider Study Practices.
Dr Kasia Banas

March 6th 2020 4PM
Location: Seminar room, 62 Hillhead Street
Supporting Autistic Students: Understanding Drop Out, Camouflaging and First Impressions
Dr Eilidh Cage

February 20th 2020 4PM
Location: Seminar Room, 62 Hillhead Street
Effects of Seductive Details on Learning and Memory
Dr Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel

January 16th 2020 10AM
Location: Seminar Room
Use of graphics for teaching programming
Loviusa Sudin

November 21st 2019 10AM
Location: 520 Boyd Orr
Students' use of peer-review
Maxine Swingler & Lorna Morrow

October 17th 2019 10AM
Location: Level 6 meeting room
psyteachR evaluation study part 2

September 19th 2019 10AM
Location: Meeting Room Level 6
PsyTeachR evaluation study

May 29th 2019 3PM
Location: Level 6 Meeting Room
Metacognition - how effectively can students and educators reflect on experience?
Jonathan Firth

May 1st 2019 3PM
Location: via Zoom
Graduate attributes
Gabi Lipan

April 24th 2019 3PM
Location: Level 6 Meeting Room
Effects of Mark Withholding on Academic Performance
Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel

March 20th 2019 3PM
Location: Level 6 Meeting Room
Three cases of reasoning with effect sizes in pedagogical research: the good, the bad, and the downright disgraceful
Steve Draper

February 20th 2019 3PM
Location: Level 6 Meeting Room
Discussion of Teaching More by Grading Less (or Differently) & Ten quick tips for teaching programming
Pedagogical Lab