Research Days

October 23rd 2013 4:40PM
Location: Varies
Synaesthesia‐like associations in non‐synaesthetes
Flor Kusnir

October 23rd 2013 4:30PM
Location: Varies
Stephany Biello

October 23rd 2013 4:20PM
Location: Varies
The motivational salience of infant cuteness
Amanda Hahn

October 23rd 2013 4:10PM
Location: Varies
Kynurenines and schizophrenia
Mazura Pisar

October 23rd 2013 4PM
Location: Varies
Kynurenines and Huntington's disease
Caroline Forrest

October 23rd 2013 3:50PM
Location: Varies
Developing therapeutic strategies in Rett syndrome
Paul Ross

October 23rd 2013 3:40PM
Location: Varies
Neural oscillations in schizophrenia
Heng-Ru May Tan

October 23rd 2013 3PM
Location: Varies
Dance music video
Frank Pollick

October 23rd 2013 2:50PM
Location: Varies
Low‐frequency oscillations and the dynamics of cortical processing of sounds
Bruno Giordano

October 23rd 2013 2:40PM
Location: Varies
Cerebral processing of non‐verbal vocalizations
Emilie Salvia

October 23rd 2013 2:20PM
Location: Varies
PISCES stem cell/stroke trial
Dheeraj Kalladka

October 23rd 2013 2:10PM
Location: Varies
Respiratory challenge MRI in CADASIL and Stroke
Fiona Moreton

October 23rd 2013 2PM
Location: Varies
BOLD‐based diagnostic imaging technique
Graeme Deuchar

October 23rd 2013 12:30PM
Location: Varies
Size Matters
Sara Sereno

October 23rd 2013 12:20PM
Location: Varies
Mentalizing during conversational language processing as revealed by MEG
Sibylle Mohr

October 23rd 2013 12:10PM
Location: Varies
The Science of Face Reading
Daniel Gill

October 23rd 2013 12PM
Location: Varies
Processing spatial language
Benn Dunn

October 23rd 2013 11:20AM
Location: Varies
Multisensory processing
Stéphanie Morand

October 23rd 2013 11:10AM
Location: Varies
Manipulating spatial attention with tdcs
Chris Benwell

October 23rd 2013 11AM
Location: Varies
Effects of long term opiate exposure on maturation of breathing
Ashleigh Kennedy

October 23rd 2013 10:50AM
Location: Varies
Investigating visual processing with bubble stimuli
Robin Ince

October 23rd 2013 10:35AM
Location: Varies
The spino-bulbar-cerebellar pathway: a role in adjustment motor programmes
Zilli Huma

October 23rd 2013 10:25AM
Location: Varies
Studying spinal cord injury and potential therapies
Andrew Toft

October 23rd 2013 10:15AM
Location: Varies
Cytoarchitecture and Synaptic Organisation of the Spinal Cord
Kieran Boyle

October 23rd 2013 9:45AM
Location: Varies
Perceiving age
Nicola Van Rijsbergen

October 23rd 2013 9:35AM
Location: Varies
Predictive visual processing across visual saccades
Grace Edwards

October 23rd 2013 9:25AM
Location: Varies
Spatial precision of contextual feedback mechanisms – brain reading
Lucy Petro

October 23rd 2013 9:15AM
Location: Varies
Recognition strategies
Ioannis Delis

October 23rd 2013 9AM
Location: Varies
Joint INP / School of Psychology Research Day
Christoph Kayser