Vision fMRI Journal Club

September 6th 2013 11:15AM
Delusions and the role of beliefs in perceptual inference Authors: Schmack, K., Gomez-Carrillo de Castro, A., Rothkirch, M., Sekutowicz, M., Rossler, H., Haynes, J-D., Heinz., A., Petrovic, P., Sterzer., P.
Grace Edwards

September 6th 2013 11AM
Cellular mechanisms of brain state-dependent gain modulation in visual cortex. Authors: Polack P-O., Friedman., J., & Golshani, P.
Fiona McGruer

August 30th 2013 11:15AM
A network for scene processing in the macaque temporal lobe. Authors: Kornblith S., Cheng, X., Tsao, D.Y.
Lucy S. Petro

August 30th 2013 11AM
A NO way to BOLD?: Dietary nitrate alters the hemodynamic response to visual stimulation. Authors: Rasmus Aamand, Thomas Dalsgaard, Yi-Ching Lynn Ho, Arne Møller, Andreas Roepstorff & Torben E. Lund
Fiona McGruer

August 23rd 2013 11:30AM
Retinotopic and Lateralized Processing of Spatial Frequencies in Human Visual Cortex during Scene Categorization. Authors: Benoit Musel, Cécile Bordier, Michel Dojat, Cédric Pichat, Sylvie Chokron, Jean-François Le Bas, and Carole Peyrin
Yulia Revina

August 23rd 2013 11:15AM
Detection of spatial frequency in brain-damaged patients: influence of hemispheric asymmetries and hemineglect. Authors: Natanael A. dosSantos, Suellen M. Andrade and Bernardino Fernandez Calvo
Yulia Revina

August 23rd 2013 11AM
Cerebellar contribution to the prediction of self-initiated sounds. Authors: Franziska Knolle, Erich Schro¨ger and Sonja A. Kotz
Grace Edwards

August 16th 2013 11AM
Confounds in multivariate pattern analysis: Theory and rule representation case study. Authors: Michael T. Todd, Leigh E. Nystrom, Jonathan D. Cohen
Grace Edwards

May 31st 2013 11:15AM
The hippocampus extrapolates beyond the view in scenes: An fMRI study of boundary extension. Authors: Chadwick, M.J., Mullally, S.L., & Maguire, E.A.
Lucy Petro

May 31st 2013 11AM
Hippocampal-cortical interaction during periods of subcortical silence. Authors: Logothetis, N.K., Eschenko, O., Murayama, Y., Augath, M., Steudel, T., Evrard, H.C., Besserve, M., & Oeltermann, A.
Lars Muckli

May 24th 2013 11:30AM
A unified selection signal for attention and reward in primary visual cortex. Authors: Stanisor, L., van der Togt, C., Pennartz, C.M.A., & Roelfsema, P.R. 2013.
Lucy Petro

May 24th 2013 11:15AM
The time course of perceptual grouping in natural scenes. Authors: Korjoukov, I., Jeurissen, D., Kloosterman, N.A., Verhoeven, J.E., Scholte, S.H., Roelfsema P.R. 2013.
Fiona McGruer & Tyler Morgan

May 24th 2013 11AM
Different glutamate receptors convey feedforward and recurrent processing in macaque V1. Authors: Self, M.W., Kooijmans, R.N., Super, H., Lamme, V.A., & Roelfsema, P.R. 2012.
Grace Edwards

May 10th 2013 3PM
Motion-Dependent Representation of Space in Area MT+. Authors: Maus, G.A., Fischer J., & Whitney, D. (2013).
Lars Muckli

May 10th 2013 11AM
fMRI Journal Club Meeting