Methodology & Meta-science

September 24th 2019 1PM
R Shiny Afternoon
Jack Taylor and Lisa DeBruine

October 2nd 2019 2PM
Crowdsourcing: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
Carolyn Saund

October 9th 2019 2PM
Introducing p curve
Benedict Jones

January 21st 2020 2PM
What are psychological constructs and how best to model them?
Eiko Fried

June 12th 2019 2PM
Mixed effects models Q&A

May 1st 2019 2PM
Systematic reviews and meta analysis
Maria Gardani & Satu Baylan

April 23rd 2019 2PM
Variance Constraints for Hierarchical Signal Detection Models
Martin Lages

April 10th 2019 2PM
A gentle introduction to the Partial Information Decomposition
Robin Ince

April 3rd 2019 2PM
Adventures with rtweet and tidytext
Anna Henschel

March 27th 2019 2PM
Your first R package with unit tests
Lisa DeBruine

March 20th 2019 2PM
Version Control and Beyond: How Git Will Change Your Life
Carolyn Saund

March 18th 2019 2PM
Jupyter notebooks for efficient research
Georgi Karadzhov

March 13th 2019 10AM
Network analysis as an alternative to conceptualize mental disorders
Alba Contreras Cuevas

February 20th 2019 2PM
Discussion of Sassenhagen & Draschkow (2018) paper on cluster based permutation tests
Robin Ince and Guillaume Rousselet

February 6th 2019 2PM
"Equivalence testing" and "Justify your alpha" by Lakens et al.

January 16th 2019 2PM
Tutorial on Iteration In R
Dale Barr

December 12th 2018 1PM
Randomizing and automating assessment with the R exams package
Dale Barr

December 5th 2018 2PM
LexOPS: A Web App for Stimulus Generation in Psycholinguistics
Jack Taylor

November 28th 2018 2PM
The Situated Assessment Method (SAM^2): A new approach to measuring, understanding, and predicting health behaviours
Lawrence Barsalou

November 21st 2018 2PM
The Problem of Multiple Comparisons in Neuroimaging
Robin Ince

November 14th 2018 2PM
Spot the celebrity lookalike!
Martin Lages

November 7th 2018 2PM
The Fundamental Role of Construct Validity in Original and Replicated Research
Jessica Flake

October 31st 2018 3PM
Setting up your first Shiny app
Lisa DeBruine

October 24th 2018 2PM
Writing Registered Reports
Ben Jones

October 10th 2018 2PM
Mixed-effects modeling of temporal autocorrelation: Keep it minimal
Dale Barr

October 3rd 2018 3PM
Introduction to the formr survey framework in R
Christoph Schild

June 21st 2018 11AM
Managing and sharing your research data
Research and Data Management Team

May 24th 2018 2PM
Analyzing rating scale data using ordinal logistic regression
Christoph Scheepers

April 26th 2018 2PM
Organizational meeting to discuss Open Science training for 2018-2019

April 12th 2018 2PM
Mixed effects modeling with MEG data
Christoph Daube

January 16th 2018 2PM
CANCELLED: Data Management Plans
University Data Management Team

November 14th 2017 2PM
Teaching with Open Science: GitHub Websites
Lisa DeBruine

October 31st 2017 2PM
Teaching with Open Science: Automatic assessment of R homework (Note room change)
Dale Barr

October 3rd 2017 2PM
Teaching with Open science: Teaching Forward Paper Discussion
Helena Paterson

September 21st 2017 4PM
Teaching with Open Science: R for undergraduates
Dale Barr and Philip McAleer

May 17th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Christian Keitel

May 10th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Christoph Scheepers

April 26th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Lisa M. DeBruine

April 19th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Martin Lages

March 29th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Dr Heather Woods and Dr Maria Gardani

March 22nd 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Greta Krasimirova Todorova

March 16th 2017 1PM
Failure to replicate probabilistic word pre-activation in a multi-lab EEG study
Dale Barr

March 15th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Robin Ince

March 8th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Christoph Scheepers

March 1st 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Dale Barr

February 22nd 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Iris Holzleitner & Anthony Lee

February 15th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Dale Barr

February 8th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Helena M. Paterson

January 25th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Phil McAleer

January 18th 2017 1PM
Statistical Rethinking Reading Group
Heather Woods

January 11th 2017 2:30PM
Statistical Rethinking reading group: Read Chapter 1

November 30th 2016 3:30PM
Sleep and social emotions: a daily diary study
Louise Beattie

October 19th 2016 3:30PM
Specifying random effects in mixed-effects models
Dale Barr

October 12th 2016 3:30PM
Between-group matching of control variables: Why covariates remain important for analysis
Christoph Scheepers

October 5th 2016 3:30PM
Comparing three analyses for face preferences
Lisa M. DeBruine

September 28th 2016 2:30PM
Fixing the stimulus-as-fixed-effect fallacy in task fMRI
Dale Barr

September 21st 2016 1PM
The fallacy of placing confidence in confidence intervals
Richard Morey

June 22nd 2016 3:30PM
Shuffling observations in bootstrapping and permutation tests
Dale Barr

May 4th 2016 3:30PM
Logistic mixed models to investigate implict and explicit belief tracking
Martin Lages

March 2nd 2016 3:30PM
CCNi debate preparation
Dale Barr

February 3rd 2016 3:30PM
Mediation analysis: What is it and how does it work?
Raluca Stan

December 9th 2015 3:30PM
data & code management
Robin Ince

November 25th 2015 3:30PM
transparency, openness, and reproducibility

November 4th 2015 3:30PM
Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science

October 21st 2015 3:30PM
What's new in the world of R, and what you're missing if you're not using it
Dale Barr

April 23rd 2014 3:30PM
Essentials of data manipulation
Dale Barr

February 26th 2014 3:30PM
Analysing experience-sampling data / Clustering mouse pre-motor interneurones
Dale Barr / Anne Bannatyne

February 12th 2014 3:30PM

February 5th 2014 3:30PM
Bayesian Parameter Estimation: BUGS vs STAN
Martin Lages

January 23rd 2014 4PM
Analyzing visual world data using cluster randomization in R
Dominique Knutsen

January 15th 2014 3:30PM
p-curve: key to the file drawer, or pitchfork for the witch hunt?

March 6th 2013 3:30PM
Matlab Tips and Tricks
Robin Ince

February 6th 2013 3:30PM
Stimulus-level control variables and effective sample size
Christoph Scheepers

January 23rd 2013 3:30PM

December 19th 2012 3:30PM
Generalized k-means clustering
Christoph Scheepers

December 5th 2012 3:30PM
First steps in Dynamic Causal Modeling
Martin Lages

November 14th 2012 3:30PM
Dale Barr

October 31st 2012 3:30PM
Effect sizes: the bad, the robust, and the informative
Guillaume A. Rousselet

October 10th 2012 3:30PM
Documenting your workflow: The good, the bad, and the ugly

October 3rd 2012 3:30PM
Scientific Utopia II: Restructuring incentives and practice to promote truth over publishability

September 19th 2012 3PM
Synchronized permutation tests for factorial designs
Dale Barr

July 4th 2012 3PM
Third time lucky
Tamara Rathcke

June 6th 2012 3PM
Flipping a coin in your head: free will, biological determinism or something in-between?
Martin Lages

May 30th 2012 3PM
Modeling and collecting distance data
Bruno Giordano

May 16th 2012 3PM
staff/students can bring in their stats questions

May 9th 2012 3PM
Understanding random effects structure in mixed effects models, and the importance of "keeping it maximal"
Dale Barr

May 2nd 2012 3PM
Improving standards in correlation analyses
Guillaume A. Rousselet

April 28th 2012 3PM
Generalization by items - only relevant for language?
Christoph Scheepers