Psychology Grand Rounds

November 27th 2013 2PM
Functional neuroimaging of integrative processes in visual cortex
Bianca van Kemenade

June 4th 2013 2PM
Brain Development, Experience and Preschoolers' Theory of Mind
Professor Mark Sabbagh

February 27th 2013 3:30PM
Information Theoretic Methods for Neuroimaging
Robin Ince

January 30th 2013 3:30PM
Brain-Computer Interface: Are we there yet?!
Bashar Hasan

January 9th 2013 3:30PM
The future world: What do we want universities and colleges of the future to look like and what steps should we take to get there?
Asha Ginda

December 13th 2012 3:30PM
A Cultural Perspective on Emotional- and Self-Complexity across the Lifespan
Igor Grossmann

November 28th 2012 3:30PM
Exploring the influence of mood on socio-economic decisions and moral judgement.
Yue Cui

November 7th 2012 3:30PM
European funding opportunities
Adriana Scicluna

October 17th 2012 3:30PM
The sensory experiences of those with Autism Spectrum Disorder and high levels of autistic traits.
Ashley Robertson

April 18th 2012 4:30PM
Syntax in a pianist’s hand: ERP signatures of “embodied” syntax processing in music
Danela Sammler

April 16th 2012 12PM
Identifying the bi-directional interplay in scene categorization
George L. Malcolm

March 14th 2012 4:15PM
Ekman’s Variants: universal, culture specific or none of them?
Aikaterini Palaiou

February 20th 2012 12:30PM
Echoing Emotions: reactions to emotional displays of others
Job van der Schalk

November 23rd 2011 4PM
Grid access & Etiquette, Parallel MATLAB on the Grid plus Q&A
Nicola, Magda and John

November 9th 2011 4PM
Evaluation of Expertise in CCTV Surveillance Monitoring
Frank Pollick

September 28th 2011 4:30PM
"What I did in Glasgow: constructing communication through fMRI intersubject correlations."
Laura Menenti

August 24th 2011 4:30PM
Conjoint and independent neural coding of face/voice identity investigated with fMRI.
Marianne Latinus

July 20th 2011 4PM
Neural correlate of delayed intentions: Differential manipulation of cue detection and intention retrieval.
Gabriela Cruz

May 18th 2011 4PM
The Why, When and Where of selective attention to sleep in insomia
Heather Woods

April 27th 2011 4PM
The vision for "social interaction" in Glasgow
Simon Garrod

April 13th 2011 4PM
"Internal Representations Reveal that Facial Expressions of Emotion are Not Universal"
Rachael Jack

March 23rd 2011 4PM
Decoding sound and imagery content in early visual cortex
Petra Vetter