Autism Journal Club

August 19th 2019 4PM
Summary of IASSIDD 2019
Sarune Savickaite

August 5th 2019 4PM
Sensory Reactivity vs Sensory Sensitivity in Autism
Dr David Simmons

July 29th 2019 4PM
Using virtual reality to understand individual differences in global and local visual processing
Sarune Savickaite

July 22nd 2019 4PM
Repetitive Behaviours in Autism
Greta Todorova

June 24th 2019 4PM
Sensory Reactivity vs Sensory Sensitivity in Autism
Dr. David Simmons

June 10th 2019 4PM
The Predictive Coding Perspective in Autism: Recent Findings and Current Research
Greta Todorova

June 3rd 2019 4PM
In-depth review of INSAR 2019
Joint discussion with the University of Strathclyde

May 20th 2019 4PM
Why immune factors are important in ASD - olfaction, attraction, neurodevelopment and disease
Dr Ken Aitken

May 13th 2019 4PM
INSAR Highlights
Joint Discussion

April 15th 2019 4PM
In/Exclusivity in HE: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Felix Barrett, Susanna Henderson & Ute Barrett

April 8th 2019 4PM
Reflection on the L&T conference workshop:How might we create an autism-enabling environment at the University of Glasgow?
Dr David Simmons and Ute Barrett

April 1st 2019 4PM
Autism in Education Feedback from SARG meeting
Dr. David Simmons/Dr Ken Aitken

March 25th 2019 4PM
Sensory Aspects of University of Glasgow Campus
Jelisaveta Mihailova

March 11th 2019 4PM
Forensic issues in ASD
Dr Ken Aitken

March 4th 2019 4PM
It's All Fun and Games? - Building a Motivational Profile of Autistic Gamers
Elliot Millington

February 25th 2019 4PM
Individual Differences in Sensory Sensitivity
Dr. David Simmons

February 11th 2019 4PM
Scottish Strategy for Autism Outcomes and Priorities
Dr. David Simmons

February 4th 2019 4PM
Discussion: SFARI Webinar by Dr Christine Wu Nordahl: The inclusion in autism imaging studies
Greta Todorova

January 28th 2019 4PM
Paper discussion: Ripe for solution: Delayed development of multisensory processing in autism and its remediation (Beker, Foxe & Molholm, 2018)
Sarune Savickaite

January 21st 2019 4PM
Paper discussion: The Impact of Autistic Traits on Self-Recognition of Body Movements
Greta Todorova

December 17th 2018 4PM
Making the future together Shaping autism research through meaningful participation by Sue Fletcher-Watson et al.
Dr Kirsty Ainsworth

December 10th 2018 4PM
Teaching Process for Children with Autism in Virtual Reality by Naranjo et al. 2017
Šarūnė Savickaitė

November 26th 2018 4PM
1st International Kosovo Autism Conference Recap
Dr Ken Aitken

November 19th 2018 4PM
1st International Kosovo Autism Conference Recap
Dr Ken Aitken

November 12th 2018 4PM
Scottish Autism conference Recap
Dr David Simmons

October 22nd 2018 4PM
What about people with severe autism or learning disabilities?
Rosalind Hatton

October 15th 2018 4PM
Differences in Multisensory Integration Covary with Sensory Responsiveness in Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder
Dr Kirsty Louise Ainsworth

October 1st 2018 4PM
What do we know about ASD prevalence?
Dr Ken Aitken

September 10th 2018 4PM
An international survey of parental attitudes to technology use by autistic children at home
Maggi Laurie

September 3rd 2018 4PM
Diversity, Gender, Intersectionality, and Feminism - Spectrum women: Walking to the Beat of Autism
Dr Catriona A Stewart

August 27th 2018 4PM
EU-Aims: Why are sex and gender important for understanding autism
Ute Barrett

August 20th 2018 4PM
EU-AIMS-2: What do we think?
Dr. David Simmons

August 6th 2018 4PM
Risk Markers for suicidality in autistic adults
David Simmons

July 30th 2018 4PM
Views from PsyPAG: Exciting new research from the future auatism researchers
Greta Todorova

June 25th 2018 4PM
Elements of ASD
Dr Ken Aitken

June 18th 2018 4PM
Visual Motion Prediction and Verbal False Memory Performance in Autistic Children
David Simmons

June 4th 2018 4PM

April 23rd 2018 4PM
Working memory deficiencies in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Abdullah Habib

April 9th 2018 4PM
Applying to HE: experiences from the autism community
Susanna Henderson/Ute Barrett

March 26th 2018 4PM
What is an "autism-friendly university"?
Dr. David Simmons

February 19th 2018 4PM
Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum
Ute Barrett/Chiara Horlin

February 5th 2018 4PM
Internal Noise in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Dr Niia Nikolova

January 8th 2018 4PM
Delayed development of multi sensory processing in autism
Dr. Kirsty Ainsworth

December 4th 2017 4PM
Neural Noise in Developmental Dyslexia
Dr. David Simmons

November 20th 2017 4PM
Recent developments in predictive coding theories of Autism
Greta Todorova

October 23rd 2017 4PM
Dynamic Interactive Navigation for Familiarisation and Desensitisation
Dr. Matthieu Poyade/Glyn Morris

October 9th 2017 4PM
Simulating interaction gaze contingent eye tracking to measure social signals in autism
Dr. David Simmons

September 25th 2017 4PM
Evidence-based Assessment Tools in ASD
Ken Aitken/Collette Robertson

September 11th 2017 4PM
The Reason I Jump
Michael Dawson/Graham Eatough

August 14th 2017 4PM
Workshop on experiences of the autism community and implications for research
Dr Ute Barrett

July 31st 2017 4PM
Infant viewing of social scenes is under genetic control and is atypical in autism
Dr. David Simmons

June 19th 2017 4PM
(Mis)representations of autism on film
Jodie Wilkinson

June 5th 2017 4PM
International Meeting for Autism Research -- More Feedback
David R. Simmons

May 22nd 2017 4PM
International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) 2017 -- report
David R. Simmons

May 8th 2017 4PM
Identification of Developmental and Behavioral Markers Associated With Genetic Abnormalities in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Dr. Ken Aitken

April 24th 2017 4PM
Neurotypical peers are less likely to interact with those with autism based on thin slice judgements
Dr. Sue Fletcher-Watson

April 10th 2017 4PM
Salience Network Connectivity in Autism is related to Brain and Behavioural markers of Sensory Over-responsivity by Green, Hernandez, Bookheimer & Dapretto (2016)
Dana Kanel

February 27th 2017 4PM
Interaction takes two: Typical adults exhibit mind-blindness towards those with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Greta Krasimirova Todorova

February 13th 2017 4PM
Is there a distinctive brain structure associated with ASD?
Lena Hofbauer

January 30th 2017 4PM
Is the construct of Autism Spectrum Disorder valid?
David R. Simmons

December 19th 2016 4PM
Autism Research: Review of the year 2016
David R. Simmons

December 5th 2016 4PM
Which terms should be used to describe autism? Perspectives from the autism community
David R. Simmons

November 21st 2016 4PM
Mealtime behaviors associated with consumption of unfamiliar foods by young children with autism spectrum disorder (Stough et al, 2015, Appetite, 95, 324-333
Erin Lowe

November 7th 2016 4PM
Fixing the mirrors: A feasibility study of the effects of dance movement therapy on young adults with autism spectrum disorder (Koch et al, 2015, Autism, 19(3), 338-350.)
Jade McClements

October 10th 2016 4PM
Premature mortality in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Greta Krasimirova Todorova

September 26th 2016 4PM
Autism Europe de-brief
David R. Simmons

September 12th 2016 4PM
Perceptual learning in autism
David R. Simmons

August 1st 2016 4PM
No difference in cross-modal attention or sensory discrimination thresholds in autism and matched controls
Margaret Holmes Laurie

July 4th 2016 4PM
Using Intersubject Correlation (ISC) of Dance to Study Biological Motion Processing in Autism
Frank E. Pollick

June 20th 2016 4PM
IMFAR de-brief Part 2
David R. Simmons

June 6th 2016 4PM
More talk of IMFAR
David R. Simmons

May 23rd 2016 4PM
IMFAR de-brief
David R. Simmons

March 14th 2016 4PM
Autism continued ... Adulthood and Ageing --- follow-up discussion
Michael Dawson

February 29th 2016 4PM
Rethinking the concepts of "local or global processors" (D'Souza, Booth, Connolly et al, 2015, Developmental Science, e-pub)
Carrie Ballantyne

February 15th 2016 4PM
Local and Global Visual Processing in Autism Spectrum Disorders (Van Eylen et al, 2015, JADD e-pub)
Margaret Holmes Laurie

February 1st 2016 4PM
"Executive functioning in autism spectrum disorders: influence of task and sample characteristics and relation to symptom severity" by Van Eylen, L. et al (2015). Eur. Child Adolesc. Psychiatry 24(11) 1399-1417
Greta Todorova

January 18th 2016 4PM
Neural noise models of autism: what's the story?
David R. Simmons

December 7th 2015 4PM
Alexithymia, Not Autism, Predicts Predicts Poor Recognition of Emotional Facial Expressions
Kirsty Ainsworth

November 23rd 2015 4PM
Altered Medial Frontal and Superior Temporal Response to Implicit Processing of Emotions in Autism by Kana et al (2015) Autism Research [epub]
Paula Regener

November 9th 2015 4PM
All change for the DSM-5: motor deficits in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Coordination Disorder
Dr. Louisa Miller

October 26th 2015 4PM
Atypical basic movement kinematics in autism spectrum conditions
Dr. Jonathan Delafield-Butt

October 12th 2015 4PM
Temporal processing as a source of altered visual perception in high autistic tendency
Margaret Holmes Laurie

September 28th 2015 4PM
Performance on the Farnsworth-Munsell 100-Hue Test is significantly related to non-verbal IQ by Cranwell et al (2015)
David R. Simmons

September 14th 2015 4PM
Visual status in children with Autism spectrum disorder: developing an evidence base for clinicians
Dr. Julie-Anne Little

July 27th 2015 4PM
Serious games for children with ASD
Hanan Makki

June 29th 2015 4PM
International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) 2015
Kirsty Ainsworth

June 15th 2015 4PM
The Picture-Glasgow Sensory Questionnaire (P-GSQ): the development of a sensory questionnaire suitable for children
Lauren Brown/David Simmons

June 1st 2015 4PM
Magnocellular visual evoked potential delay with high autism spectrum quotient yields a neural mechanism for altered perception by Alexandra Sutherland and David P. Crewther
Alastair Clarkson

May 18th 2015 4PM
How reliable is the Autism Spectrum Quotient (AQ) as a tool for research?
David R. Simmons

March 23rd 2015 4PM
The impact of sensory sensitivities on social interactions
Margaret Laurie/Jennifer Kane

February 23rd 2015 4PM
Scaffolded reaching experiences encourage grasping activity in infants at high risk for autism
Maria Ferrara

January 26th 2015 4PM
A Substantial and Unexpected Enhancement of Motion Perception in Autism
Kirsty Ainsworth

January 12th 2015 4PM
Visual social attention in autism spectrum disorder: Insights from eye tracking studies
Gillian Little

December 15th 2014 4PM
Fascination and Isolation: A Grounded Theory Exploration of Unusual Sensory Experiences in Adults with Asperger Syndrome
David R. Simmons

December 1st 2014 4PM
Anatomical Abnormalities in Autism?
Phil McAleer

November 17th 2014 4PM
The construct of the multisensory temporal binding window and its dysregulation in developmental disabilities
Paula Regener

November 3rd 2014 4PM
Attenuation of typical sex differences in 800 adults with autism vs. 3,900 controls
Kirsty Ainsworth

October 8th 2012 4PM
When the world becomes ‘too real’: a Bayesian explanation of autistic perception
David R. Simmons

September 10th 2012 4PM
Thinking in Patterns: using multi-voxel pattern analyses to find neural correlates of moral judgment in neurotypical and ASD populations
Frank E. Pollick

March 12th 2012 4PM
Mapping Early Brain Development in Autism
Lipi Samanta

February 6th 2012 4PM
The autistic child's appraisal of expressions of emotion
Kirsty Ainsworth

January 16th 2012 4PM
Mindblind Eyes: An Absence of Spontaneous Theory of Mind in Asperger Syndrome
Maria Nunez

December 5th 2011 4PM
Children with autism are neither systematic nor optimal foragers
Ashley E. Robertson

November 14th 2011 4PM
Autism Spectrum Traits in the Typical Population Predict Structure and Function in the Posterior Superior Temporal Sulcus
Paula Regener

October 3rd 2011 4PM
Bridging Autism, Science and Society: Moving Toward an Ethically Informed Approach to Autism Research
David R. Simmons

July 4th 2011 4PM
Literature review for Masters Thesis on cortical thickness in individuals with ASD
Paula Regener

June 6th 2011 4PM
an IMFAR review
Frank E. Pollick

April 7th 2011 4PM
a range of papers
Frank E. Pollick

February 7th 2011 4PM
Social and non-social visual attention patterns and associative learning in infants at risk for autism
Thusha Rajendran

December 6th 2010 4PM
Conversational gestures in autism spectrum disorders: Asynchrony but not decreased frequency
Frank E. Pollick