Seminar Series

July 9th 2019 2PM
Predicting Outcome in Youth Mental Health
Professor Stephen Wood

June 28th 2019 3:30PM
Let's Chat! Can Virtual Agents Learn How to Have a Conversation?
Professor Verena Rieser

June 27th 2019 11AM
Large-scale analysis of electrophysiology data in cognitive neurology
Dr Denis A. Engemann

June 18th 2019 11AM
Multimodal Neuroimaging-Based Closed-Loop Neurofeedback: Applications in Neuroscience Research and Clinical Rehabilitation.
Dr Ranganatha Sitaram

May 31st 2019 11:45AM
Tracking the neural footprints of memories over time
Dr Maria Wimber

May 31st 2019 11AM
How a desynchronized cortex and a synchronized hippocampus cooperatively form and retrieve memories
Dr Simon Hanslmayr

April 5th 2019 3:30PM
Blogs, Social Media and Gamification: How Elves (and Humans) Can Close the Gap Between Research and Practice
André Tomlin

March 22nd 2019 3:30PM
Confidence and Adaptive Decision Making
Dr Nick Yeung

March 15th 2019 3:30PM
Mismatch Between Social Versus Biological Clocks in Teenage Years Compromise Performance: First Insights on Molecular Mechanism
Dr Martha Merrow

March 14th 2019 11:30AM
The Adaptive Recruitment and Regulation of Cognitive Control: From Basic Mechanisms to Mental Health
Dr Franziska Plessow

March 13th 2019 11AM
Editing and Other Adventures in Measuring Neurochemicals by MRS
Stephen R.Williams

March 12th 2019 3PM
Cultivating Well-Being Beyond Symptomatology in Paranoia; the Feasibility, Acceptability and Benefit of a Positive Psychology Group Intervention
Dr Carmen Valiente

March 8th 2019 3:30PM
Shaping an Unfolding Experience into a Memory Code
Lluís Fuentemilla

March 1st 2019 3:30PM
Do Neurons Process Information Efficiently?
Dr James V Stone

February 22nd 2019 3:30PM
Mapping the Human Auditory Pathway: Computational Models and UHF MRI
Federico de Martino

February 20th 2019 11AM
Dissociable Neural Information Dynamics for Conscious Contents and Cognitive Control
Dr Andrés Canales-Johnson

February 15th 2019 3:30PM
Grassroots Training for Reproducible Science
Dr. Katherine Button

February 8th 2019 3:30PM
Justify Everything (Or: Why All Norms You Rely on When Doing Research Are Wrong)
Daniël Lakens

February 1st 2019 3:30PM
Can Non-Conscious Representations Support High-Level Cognition?
Prof.David Soto

January 29th 2019 11AM
Human Intelligible Machine Intelligence (OR Grounding Perception in Language for Explainable AI)
Siddharth Narayanaswamy

January 25th 2019 3:30PM
Higher Education: An Inclusive Environment?
Margaret Sutherland

January 18th 2019 3:30PM
Understanding the Transition from Suicidal Thoughts to Suicide Attempts
Prof. Rory O'Connor

December 7th 2018 3:30PM
Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Human Social Interaction
Dr Antonia Hamilton

November 30th 2018 3:30PM
Dr. James Stone

November 23rd 2018 3:30PM
Understanding the Origins of Social, Economic and Attractiveness Preferences: Data from Hadza foragers
Prof Coren Apicella

November 16th 2018 3:30PM
Replication and Generalisation: Crowdsourcing Better Research
Prof. Lisa DeBruine

November 9th 2018 3:30PM
Molecular Imaging of the Human Emotion Circuit
Prof.Lauri Nummenmaa

November 2nd 2018 3:30PM
When Feedback Is Forgotten
Dr.Robert Nash

October 26th 2018 3:30PM
Understanding Variability in Brain and Behavior
Prof Tobias Donner

October 12th 2018 3:30PM
Interactions between metabolic, reward and cognitive processes in appetite control
Prof Suzanne Higgs

October 12th 2018 1PM
Assembling Tridimensional Brain Models to Study Human Development and Disease
Prof Sergiu P Paşca

October 5th 2018 3:30PM
How do we store and retrieve knowledge
Prof Beth Jefferies

September 28th 2018 3:30PM
Relapse Prevention: An Elusive Target for Psychological Interventions for Psychosis?
Prof Andrew Gumley

September 14th 2018 3:30PM
How to study the brain by combining electrophysiology and fMRI
Dr René Scheeringa

May 31st 2018 3PM
Brain network dynamics, cognition and criticality: insights from MEG research
Profs Satu/Matias Palva

May 3rd 2018 3PM
Spinal circuits controlling itch and pain
Dr Hendrik Wildner

April 27th 2018 3:30PM
Biased Facial-Emotion Perception in Mental Health Disorders: A Possible Target for Psychological Intervention?
Professor Ian Penton-Voak

April 25th 2018 3:30PM
Magnetic Resonance Imaging: New Frontiers in Speed and Precision’
Professor David Porter

April 20th 2018 3:30PM
Midfrontal theta: a burgeoning multiscale perspective
Dr Mike X Cohen

April 12th 2018 3PM
Cellular mechanisms for sensory perception
Dr Naoya Takahashi

April 9th 2018 12PM
Multi-locus transcranial magnetic stimulation: moving beyond the current state of the art in noninvasive brain stimulation
Dr. Jaakko Nieminen

April 6th 2018 3:30PM
Clinical Neurofeedback using fMRI Principles Results & Future Developments
Prof David Linden

March 22nd 2018 3PM
Using rhythmic network activity to probe neural circuit function
Dr Michael T Craig

March 16th 2018 3:30PM
Dazed and confused? Neural origins of behavioral variability in value-based choice
Professor Christian Ruff

March 15th 2018 4PM
What does vascular endothelial growth factor have to do with pain?
Professor Lucy Donaldson

March 8th 2018 3:30PM
Portraits of Neuronal Communication
Dr Gerald Hahn

March 8th 2018 3PM
A Tale of Two Touches
Dr Andrew Marshall and Prof Francis McGlone

March 2nd 2018 3:30PM
Mismatch between social versus biological clocks in the teenage years compromise performance: first insights on molecular mechanism
Professor Martha Merrow

March 1st 2018 3PM
Stratified & Precision Medicine in Genetic Epilepsy
Professor Sameer M Zuberi

February 23rd 2018 3:30PM
Biased Facial-Emotion Perception in Mental Health Disorders: A Possible Target for Psychological Intervention?
Professor Ian Penton-Voak

February 22nd 2018 3PM
Spinal microcircuits for itch and pain
Dr Junichi Hachisuka

February 16th 2018 3:30PM
Psychological barriers to sustainable behaviour: Evidence from travel and energy research
Dr Ian Walker

February 16th 2018 12PM
Power analysis in Psychological Research
Dr Ian Walker

February 15th 2018 3PM
Predictive ensemble decoding of somatosensory-guided behaviour
Dr Michael Kohl

February 9th 2018 3:30PM
Using a Confirmatory Research Lens to Calibrate Our Expectations About Paediatric Sleep and the Digital Displacement Hypothesis
Professor Andrew Przybylski

February 9th 2018 10:30AM
Everything you wanted to know about Preregistration but were afraid to ask
Professor Andrew Przybylski

February 8th 2018 3PM
Spinal Cord Stimulation: History, Mechanisms and Evidence along with Reflections on Clinical Experience.
Dr. Andrew N. Crockett MBBS FRCA

February 2nd 2018 3:30PM
Towards a Pre-Emptive and Translational Neuroscience of Schizophrenia: A Perspective
Professor Peter Uhlhaas

January 30th 2018 4:30PM
Fantastic DNimals and where to find them.
Dr Steven Scholte

January 30th 2018 3PM
Assessment and Feedback: Moving students from feedback consumers to feedback producers
Professor David Nicol

January 26th 2018 3:30PM
Semantic representation and its disorders
Professor Matthew Lambon Ralph

January 19th 2018 3:30PM
Modelling the brain and behaviour in schizophrenia
Dr Rick Adams

January 18th 2018 4PM
Using chemogenetics to interrogate nociceptor function
Dr. Greg Weir

December 1st 2017 3:30PM
Introducing Nature Human Behaviour
Stavroula Kousta

November 24th 2017 3:30PM
Does recollection have its own brain network?
Professor Michael D. Rugg

November 22nd 2017 3PM
Effects of phonological and lexical processing on speech segmentation
Dr Johanna Rimmele

November 17th 2017 3:30PM
Prefrontal circuits underlying anxiety and anhedonia: studies of emotion regulation in a primate.
Professor Angela Roberts

November 10th 2017 3:30PM
Varying the perceived personality from voices
Dr Philip McAleer

October 26th 2017 10AM
cSCAN Debate
Professors Damon Centola, Robin Dunbar, Andrew Przybylski & Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson

October 19th 2017 3PM
Mechanistic stratification of visceral pain using human tissue
Dr David Bulmer

October 13th 2017 3:30PM
Scottish Graduate School of Social Science Tutorial
Dr Monika Harvey

October 6th 2017 3:30PM
Towards Computational Psychiatry: Combining Neuroimaging, Pharmacology and Modeling to Understand Schizophrenia Neurobiology
Alan Anticevic

June 29th 2017 10AM
Cardiovascular and body imaging at 7T: Promises, Challenges and Opportunities for Translation
Professor Tim Leiner

June 23rd 2017 3:30PM
Control of brain and cardiac blood flow by capillary pericytes in health and disease
Professor David Atwell

May 12th 2017 3:30PM
Gene therapy for refractory epilepsy
Professor Dimitri Kullmann

May 5th 2017 3:30PM
Sex chromosomes, language, autism and the brain: unravelling the mystery
Professor Dorothy V. M. Bishop

May 5th 2017 12:30PM
Women in psychological sciences
Professor Dorothy V. M. Bishop

May 5th 2017 11AM
Is there a reproducibility crisis and what can we do about it?
Professor Dorothy V. M. Bishop

April 28th 2017 3:30PM
Imaging Pain, Analgesia and Anaesthesia Induced Altered States of Consciousness with Advanced Neuroimaging
Professor Irene Tracey

April 7th 2017 3:30PM
The postnatal development of nociceptive circuits: a little pain goes a long way
Professor Maria Fitzgerald

April 6th 2017 3PM
Functional imaging of the human spinal cord
Dr Falk Eippert

April 5th 2017 4PM
The UK7T Network - Building a Platform for Clinical Collaboration
Dr Stuart Clare

March 31st 2017 3:30PM
Are some experiences impossible to put into words?
Professor Asifa Majid

March 30th 2017 4PM
Enter the Matrix: Novel Therapeutic Targets for Ischemic Stroke and Vascular Dementia
Professor Gregory Bix

March 17th 2017 4PM
CNTNAP2 in brain development and neuropsychiatric disorders
Professor Oscar Marin

March 10th 2017 3:30PM
Value-based prioritization in human sensorimotor decision making
Professor Simon Kelly

March 9th 2017 4PM
Nociceptive processing in the human brain
Dr Flavia Mancini

March 2nd 2017 3PM
Developing effective therapies for the childhood motor neuron disease spinal muscular atrophy (SMA)
Professor Tom Gillingwater

February 24th 2017 3:30PM
The role of iconicity in learning and creating communicative systems
Professor Gabriella Vigliocco

February 23rd 2017 12PM
Welcome Meeting/Nature Writing Masterclass
Prof Edwin Robertson, Drs Rachael Jack & Anne Keitel

February 22nd 2017 4PM
7T MRI - towards the clinic
Professor Penny Gowland

February 17th 2017 3:30PM
Gastrophysics: The new science of the diner
Professor Charles Spence

February 16th 2017 3PM
Linking chronic cerebral hypoperfusion to cognitive impairment and dementia
Professor Karen Horsburgh

February 3rd 2017 3:30PM
Somatosensory plasticity at 7T: neurochemicals, maps, and perception
Dr James Kolasinski

February 2nd 2017 3PM
The impact of obesity on stroke: evidence from preclinical studies
Dr Catherine Lawrence

January 27th 2017 3:30PM
Lasting primacy in the proactive brain
Professor Moshe Bar

January 25th 2017 4PM
Foundations of functional MRI & Human brain imaging at 7 Tesla
Professor Kamil Uludag

January 20th 2017 3:30PM
The role of the early visual cortex in action
Dr Simona Monaco

December 14th 2016 11AM
Ageing, Brain and Cognition: Some results from the Cambridge Centre for Ageing & Neuroscience (CamCAN)
Professor Richard Henson

December 12th 2016 4PM
Organising principles of human actions
Dr Angelika Lingnau

December 2nd 2016 3:30PM
Social motivations in choice: insights from decision neuroscience
Professor Alan Sanfey

November 30th 2016 4PM
Explorations into Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance: Discover - Devise - Develop - Deploy
Professor Thoralf Niendorf

November 25th 2016 3:30PM
How t(w)o act together
Professor Natalie Sebanz

November 24th 2016 3PM
Heparin sulphate (HS); a novel therapeutic in CNS repair?
Professor Susan Barnett

November 18th 2016 3:30PM
The cerebellum as an adaptable predictor, for movement and cognition
Professor Chris Miall

November 11th 2016 3:30PM
Don't make me laugh: the trouble with positive emotional expressions
Professor Sophie Scott

November 11th 2016 1PM
Rejection, Resilience and Peer Review
Professors Joachim Gross, David Maxwell & Philippe Schyns, Drs Lisa DeBruine & Rachael Jack

November 11th 2016 11:30AM
What's the point of public engagement?
Professor Sophie Scott

November 4th 2016 3:30PM
Tuning Conceptual Knowledge through Hippocampal-Prefrontal Interactions
Professor Bradley Love

October 31st 2016 3:30PM
State dependent correlations between spontaneous neural activity and blood flow in awake mice & Use of microprisms for imaging structure and function in mouse somatosensory and visual cortex
Dr Robert Sachdev

October 28th 2016 3:30PM
Modelling psychiatric disorders in animals – from altered neural development to psychopathology
Dr Kevin Mitchell

October 28th 2016 1:30PM
A primer on the genetics of psychiatric disorders
Dr Kevin Mitchell

October 27th 2016 3PM
Novel neuronal targeting and blocking molecules based on clostridial neurotoxins
Professor Bazbek Davletov

October 26th 2016 4PM
Applying new magnetic resonance concepts and techniques to human scanning
Professor Andrew Webb

October 25th 2016 3:30PM
Feedback doesn’t have to be futile: Using Cognitive Psychology to understand and support students’ engagement with assessment feedback
Dr Naomi Winstone

October 20th 2016 3PM
High-resolution synaptic imaging in health and disease
Dr Christopher Henstridge

October 14th 2016 3:30PM
Welcome and introductory talk
Philippe G. Schyns

September 28th 2016 4PM
Harnessing 7T’s Strengths for Clinical Neuroradiology
Professor Chris Hess

September 19th 2016 3:30PM
Stereoscopic depth perception in humans and insects
Professor Jenny Read

September 14th 2016 4PM
Functional anatomy and plasticity of hippocampal memory circuits in young and old age
Professor Emrah Düzel

September 6th 2016 3:30PM
Spatial asymmetries in action, perception and representation
Mike Nicholls

June 24th 2016 3:30PM
Effects of Prior Knowledge on Episodic Memory
Dr. Yee Lee Shing

June 17th 2016 3:30PM
From Computer Simulations to Clinical Trials for the Treatment of Brain Network Disorders
Professor Flavio Frohlich

May 6th 2016 3:30PM
Emergence of transformation-tolerant representations of visual objects in rat lateral extrastriate cortex
Dr Davide Zoccolan

April 29th 2016 3:30PM
Developmental Robotics for Embodied Language Learning
Professor Angelo Cangelosi

April 22nd 2016 4PM
Night watch in one brain hemisphere during sleep associated with the first-night effect in humans
Yuka Sasaki, PhD

April 22nd 2016 3:30PM
Roles of attention and reward in perceptual learning
Takeo Watanabe, PhD

April 15th 2016 3:30PM
Robust Non-verbal behavior sensing for human interaction analysis
Dr Jean-Marc Odobez

April 1st 2016 3:30PM
Cortical hierarchies revisited: who is driving whom?
Prof. Dr. Ralf Galuske

March 23rd 2016 3:30PM
Design, performance and safety evaluation of RF coil arrays for brain imaging at 9.4T
Dr Shajan Gunamony

March 22nd 2016 3PM
How to survive and thrive as an open scientist
Professor Tal Yarkoni

March 18th 2016 3:30PM
Transcranial electrical stimulation good for all, or not good at all?
Professor Carlo Miniussi

March 17th 2016 4PM
Spinal microcircuits for motor learning
Professor Rob Brownstone

March 11th 2016 2PM
CCNi Debate 2016: Preparatory Session
Guillaume A. Rousselet

March 9th 2016 3:30PM
The emotional task of building emotional robots: Interactions between affective computing and psychology
Prof Dr Arvid Kappas

March 3rd 2016 4PM
The Time of our Lives: Ageing, and the Circadian Clock
Stephany M. Biello

March 2nd 2016 3:30PM
CCNi Debate 2016: Preparatory Session
Guillaume A. Rousselet

February 26th 2016 3:30PM
Temporal dynamics of Feature-Selective Attention
Dr Søren K Andersen

February 25th 2016 4PM
Neurovascular coupling in health and disease.
Dr Jason Berwick

February 19th 2016 3:30PM
Learning to Shape Interactions: Models and Algorithms
Dr Subramanian Ramamoorthy

February 12th 2016 3:30PM
Different involvement of neocortical high- and low-gamma rhythms in spike-pattern replay following sensory stimulation in in vitro models of wake as sleep state
Professor Miles Whittington

February 11th 2016 4PM
Imaging the human spinal cord - what can it tell us about pain?
Dr Jonathan Brooks

February 11th 2016 11AM
OptoMEG: Combining optogenetics and MEG for functional brain mapping
Greg Alberto, B.S.

January 29th 2016 3:30PM
Cubes in Light: Lighting Direction and Visual Field Modulate the Perceived Intensity of Illumination
Professor Mark McCourt

January 28th 2016 4PM
Imaging the changing brain.
Dr Laura Parkes

January 22nd 2016 3:30PM
Human Conceptual Processing
Lawrence Barsalou

January 14th 2016 4PM
Investigating the molecular and neural network basis of Rett syndrome.
Dr Darren Goffin

December 10th 2015 4PM
The role of MSK1 in regulating the synaptic and cognitive response to environmental enrichment.
Professor Bruno Frenguelli

December 4th 2015 3:30PM
Psychology as engineering science: Building Mr. Right
Professsor Stacy Marsella

December 3rd 2015 4PM
Recovery of locomotion after severe spinal cord injuries: training, plasticity and combinatorial interventions.
Dr Ronaldo Ichiyama

November 20th 2015 3:30PM
Computational Modeling and Personal Robotics for Extracting Social Signatures
Professor Mohamed Chetouani

November 19th 2015 4PM
Astroglial control of vital neural networks.
Professor Alexander Gourine

November 18th 2015 3:30PM
How Genes and Environment Shape the Adolescent Brain
Dr Tomáš Paus

November 13th 2015 3:30PM
On desire and decentering: Nonconscious self-regulation in health behavior
Esther Papies

November 6th 2015 3:30PM
Delighting the user with speech synthesis
Dr Matthew Aylett

November 5th 2015 4PM
Circadian synchronisation - another dimension to physiology and behaviour
Dr Cathy Wyse

October 30th 2015 3:30PM
The off-line brain:memory consolidation
Edwin Robertson

October 23rd 2015 3:30PM
Interacting with socio-emotional virtual agent
Dr Catherine Pelachaud

October 16th 2015 3:30PM
How do I look in this? Embodiment and social robotics.
Professor Ruth Aylett

October 9th 2015 3:30PM
A dimensional representation of emotion
Professor James A. Russell

October 5th 2015 4PM
Clinical MRI at 9.4T - initial results
Dr Gisela Hagberg

September 30th 2015 3:30PM
Design of RF Coils for Ultra-high Field MRI
Dr Shajan Gunamony

June 18th 2015 3:30PM
Relational Reasoning with Rational Numbers
Professor Keith J. Holyoak

May 14th 2015 3:30PM
New horizons for imaging blood flow in the living brain
Dr Fernando O. Zelaya

May 1st 2015 3:30PM
A high-dimensional common model of representational spaces in human cortex
James Van Loan Haxby

April 30th 2015 3:30PM
Distributed neural systems for person perception
Maria Ida Gobbini

April 29th 2015 2PM
Sodium and diffusion MRI - a precise method to determine the extent of still viable ischemic stroke tissue
Dr Friedrich Wetterling

April 24th 2015 2:30PM
Novel MRI Methods for Assessing Cerebrovascular Disease
Professor Peter Jezzard

March 20th 2015 3:30PM
Inducing motor cortical plasticity rehabilitates visual neglect
Dr Jacinta O'Shea

March 13th 2015 3:30PM
Spontaneous Brain Activity - Spook or Spirit?
Christoph Kayser

March 6th 2015 3:30PM
Spontaneous Brain Activity - Spook or Spirit?
Christoph Kayser

March 5th 2015 3:30PM
Synapse recovery after synapse degeneration: a role for Wnt signalling
Dr Patricia C. Salinas

February 27th 2015 3:30PM
Ariens Prize Talk, October 2014: Altering the course of Schizophrenia: challenges and opportunities
Dr Mark J Millan

February 20th 2015 3:30PM
The influence of image complexity on perceptual processing
Dr Steven Scholte

February 13th 2015 2:30PM
Predicting and perceiving degraded speech
Dr Matt Davis

February 6th 2015 3:30PM
What’s in a face?
Professor Dave Perrett

February 3rd 2015 4PM
Finding novel pain genes
Professor Stephen McMahon

January 30th 2015 3:30PM
Avoiding pain: cortical responses to nociceptive stimuli and defensive movements
Dr Giandomenico Iannetti

January 23rd 2015 3:30PM
The physical correlates of counterfactual choices: from BOLD imaging to dopamine recording
Dr. Read Montague

December 11th 2014 3:30PM
Neural mechanisms of mutual understanding
Dr Arjen Stolk

December 5th 2014 3:30PM
Motivation in monkeys: dynamic interplay between catecholaminergic neurons and the prefrontal cortex
Sebastien Bouret

November 28th 2014 3:30PM
Resolving human object recognition in space and time by combining MEG, fMRI and deep convolutional neural networks
Radoslaw Cichy

November 7th 2014 3:30PM
How the brain builds high-level representations of visual stimuli
Kendrick Kay, PhD

November 4th 2014 3:30PM
Autism brains: More or less connected?
Kaustubh Supekar

October 31st 2014 3:30PM
Inflammation and oxidative stress in psychiatric disorders: Lessons from animal models
Professor Patricio O'Donnell

October 24th 2014 3:30PM
Situating Emotion (Barsalou), Grounding Desire and Motivated Behavior (Papies)
Professor Lawrence Barsalou & Dr Esther Papies

October 23rd 2014 3:30PM
Predictive Localization in the Visual System
Dr Gerrit Maus

October 23rd 2014 10AM
Investigating ongoing brain oscillations and their influence on conscious perception – network states and the window to consciousness
Dr Philipp Ruhnau

October 22nd 2014 12PM
The History and Technology of Ultra High Field MRI Magnets
Simon Pittard

October 3rd 2014 3:30PM
Neuronal dynamics in the primary visual areas
Prof. Dr. Danko Nikolic

September 26th 2014 3:30PM
The Listening Brain: Acoustic Challenges and Adaptive Mechanisms
Dr Jonas Obleser

September 19th 2014 1PM
The self in perception
Professor Glyn Humphreys

September 5th 2014 3:30PM
Balancing Visual Prediction and Visual Stability
Professor David Whitney

September 2nd 2014 12:30PM
On the distribution of information from muscle spindles in the spinal cord
Professor Elzbieta Jankowska

June 30th 2014 4PM
Light-neuron interactions: Key to understanding the brain
Dr Vincent Daria

June 6th 2014 3:30PM
Effects of psychological intervention on brain activity - an approach to mechanisms?
Dr Brigitte Rockstroh

June 2nd 2014 3PM
Making 'Dopamine Movies' of Cigarette Smoking in the PET Scanner. Finding Differences between Men and Women Smokers
Dr Evan D. Morris

May 30th 2014 3:30PM
Non-invasive manipulation of fronto-parietal networks for the improvement of visual performance in the intact and focally damaged human brain
Dr Antoni Valero-Cabré, MD

May 23rd 2014 3:30PM
Prediction in Multisensory Emotional Speech
Professor Sonja Kotz

May 9th 2014 3:30PM
Dynamics of Information Storage and Recall in the Hippocampus
Dr Bruce Graham

May 2nd 2014 3:30PM
Artificial Grammar Learning and the Primate Brain
Dr. Chris Petkov

April 11th 2014 3:30PM
Mapping multisensory networks of the brain
Professor John J Foxe

April 4th 2014 3PM
Glutamate, inflammation and psychosis; therapeutic implications and the possibility of prevention
Professor Bill Deakin

March 21st 2014 3:30PM
Faces, Attention, and the Temporal Lobe
Professor Winrich Freiwald

March 14th 2014 11AM
Emotion and Facial Expressions in the Trobriand Islands of Papua New Guinea
Professor José-Miguel Fernández-Dols & Carlos Crivelli

March 13th 2014 4PM
Neuron-glial signalling in white matter pathophysiology
Professor Arthur Butt

March 6th 2014 3:30PM
Voice areas in dog and human brains - a comparative fMRI study
Dr. Attila Andics

February 28th 2014 3:30PM
Spatiotemporal characterization of prediction error processing during reinforcement learning using simultaneous EEG/fMRI
Dr. Marios Philiastides

February 27th 2014 4PM
Defining spinal pain circuitry
Dr Carole Torsney

February 25th 2014 3:30PM
Capillary Dysfunction in neurovascular and neurodegenerative disorders.
Professor Leif Ostergaard

February 14th 2014 3:30PM
You have Conscious Sensations without Knowing it
Professor Victor Lamme

February 13th 2014 4PM
Brainstem control of hand function in health and after recovery from lesions
Professor Stuart Baker

February 7th 2014 3:30PM
Short- and long-term plasticity of adult human synapses
Professor Huibert D. Mansvelder

January 31st 2014 3:30PM
High-resolution fMRI and Neurovascular Coupling in the Visual Cortex”
Dr. Jozien Goense

January 30th 2014 4PM
Assessing functional outcomes in rodent models of stroke
Dr Rebecca Trueman

January 24th 2014 3:30PM
Functional anatomy of reaching and grasping - from the frontal cortex to the brainstem
Dr. Marc Himmelbach

January 16th 2014 4PM
Deficiency in Wnt signalling and synapse degeneration: implications in Alzheimer's disease
Professor Patricia Salinas

December 6th 2013 3:30PM
The control of motor memory processing
Professor Edwin M Robertson

November 22nd 2013 3:30PM
Neuroanatomy and state dependent mechanisms
Professor Christoph Kayser/Professor Stefano Panzeri

November 15th 2013 3:30PM
Brain Dynamics
Professor Joachim Gross

November 8th 2013 3:30PM
Connectomics and functional connectivity based on fMRI CCNI-Debate Preparation: Studies of large-scale brain networks – savior or hype?
Professor Pascal Belin / Professor Lars Muckli

November 1st 2013 3:30PM
Unraveling the role of hippocampus in antidepressant effects - from molecules to systems
Dr Alex Surget

October 11th 2013 3:30PM
Current Schizophrenia Research: Translational, Physiological and Developmental Perspectives
Dr Peter Uhlhaas

October 4th 2013 3:30PM
Sleep, consolidation, and semantic memory
Dr. Penny Lewis

September 27th 2013 3:30PM
Structural priming across cognitive domains: From arithmetic to language and back
Dr. Christoph Scheepers

September 24th 2013 3:30PM
Selective neuronal loss and inflammation in the rescued ischaemic penumbra
Professor Jean-Claude Baron

September 13th 2013 3:30PM
Evolving models of human brainwaves and brain dynamics
Professor Scott Makeig

August 30th 2013 3:30PM
How does the prefrontal cortex control visual working memory
Professor Paul Sauseng

August 19th 2013 3PM
Interoceptive inference, emotion, and the embodied self
Professor Anil Seth

August 2nd 2013 3:30PM
The Neural Basis of Brain-Computer Interface Control
Dr Moritz Grosse-Wentrup

June 5th 2013 3:30PM
Is the primary visual cortex modulated by visual awareness?
Dr. Masataka Watanabe

May 24th 2013 3:30PM
Neuronal mechanisms for the perceptual grouping of image elements in vision
Professor Pieter Roelfsema 

May 23rd 2013 3:30PM
Visual coding of dynamic facial expressions
Dr. Nick Furl

May 17th 2013 3:30PM
Neural circuit dysfunction in schizophrenia: insights from animal models
Dr. Torfi Sigurdsson

May 10th 2013 3:30PM
Monkeys, mathematics, and stereotype threat
Dr Gijsbert Stoet

April 26th 2013 3:30PM
Social and visual perception of facial resemblance
Dr Lisa DeBruine

April 19th 2013 3:30PM
A single functional model of drivers and modulators in cortex
Dr. Michael Spratling

April 5th 2013 3:30PM
Are cortical oscillations a useful ingredient of speech processing?
Professor Anne-Lise Giraud

March 8th 2013 3:30PM
An integrated theory of language production and comprehension
Professor Simon Garrod

March 7th 2013 11AM
Anatomical connectivity from diffusion MRI: Networks, plasticity and parcellation
Dr Alfred Anwander

March 7th 2013 9:30AM
Diffusion MRI methods: From the images to brain connectivity and group statistics.
Dr Alfred Anwander

March 1st 2013 3:30PM
Seeing is believing - How priors shape perception
Dr Floris de Lange

February 22nd 2013 3:30PM
Distinct top-down and bottom-up attention networks revealed through high-resolution electrocorticography
Professor Pascal Fries

February 1st 2013 3:30PM
Multi-level alignment between self and others
Dr. Klaus Kessler

January 25th 2013 3:30PM
Inferring cortical networks underlying perceptual decision-making using multimodal neuroimaging
Dr. Marios Philiastides

January 18th 2013 3:30PM
Multimodal neglect and spatial perception deficits after stroke – new routes to treatment
Professor Georg Kerkhoff

December 7th 2012 3:30PM
Functional and Structural Correlates of Auditory Abilities: Predispositions and Plasticity
Dr Robert Zatorre

November 30th 2012 3:30PM
Action Training in Stroke Patients
Dr. Monika Harvey

November 23rd 2012 3:30PM
See what you hear – The neural basis of audiovisual integration
Professor Uta Noppeney

November 2nd 2012 3:30PM
Hormone-mediated mate preferences in women
Professor Ben Jones

October 26th 2012 3:30PM
The Timing of Spikes in Primary and Secondary Somatosensory Cortex Contributes to Perception
Professor Stefano Panzeri

October 19th 2012 3:30PM
When the world becomes too real: a new explanation of autistic perception
Dr. Liz Pellicano

October 5th 2012 3:30PM
Ultra-fast MRI mapping of the Human Brain Connectome
Dr. David A. Feinberg

September 28th 2012 3:30PM
A Dead Fish, Vodoo, and Mind Reading: Issues in fMRI Research
Dr. Martin Lages

September 21st 2012 3:30PM
Auditory perception - time and rhythms
Professor Christoph Kayser

July 13th 2012 4PM
"Mechanisms of NMDA receptor-mediated neuroprotection and excitotoxicity"
Professor Giles Hardingham

July 4th 2012 1PM
Brain plasticity in the context of The Fragile X Syndrome
Professor Claudia Bagni

June 18th 2012 4PM
"Auditory perception - Oscillations and neural coding"
Dr. Christoph Kayser

June 13th 2012 4PM
Scratching beneath the surface of visual feature detectors
Dr Peter Neri

May 25th 2012 4PM
Combining transcranial stimulation with other brain imaging techniques to trace human brain function
Professor Hartwig Siebner

May 18th 2012 4PM
Face recognition: from vision to social neuroscience
Professor Patrik Vuilleumier

April 27th 2012 4PM
[Cancelled] Translational neuromodeling
Prof Klaas-Enno Stephan

April 20th 2012 4PM
Categorisation judgments based on multiple sources of evidence: neural and computational mechanisms
Chris Summerfield

April 13th 2012 4PM
Can neuroimaging contribute to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders?
Professor David Linden

March 30th 2012 4PM
From Neuro-Imaging to Neuro-Robotics
Professor Dae-shik Kim

March 26th 2012 5PM
Embodied inference
Professor Andy Clark

March 26th 2012 4PM
Embodied inference
Professor Karl Friston

March 23rd 2012 4PM
Not so fast! Premature conclusions in cognitive neuroscience and beyond
Professor Eric-Jan Wagenmakers

March 16th 2012 4PM
New perspectives on body perception including the role of the amygdala
Professor Beatrice de Gelder

March 9th 2012 4PM
The Artist as Neuroscientist
Prof. Patrick Cavanagh

March 7th 2012 3PM
Can we enhance motor recovery after stroke?
Dr Orlando Swayne

March 2nd 2012 4PM
Functional brain networks underlying the relationship between sleep and memory'
Prof Ysbrand VanderWerf

February 24th 2012 4PM
[CANCELED] Neuroaesthetics of performing arts: a sensorimotor approach (latest information: we are sorry but this presentation had to be canceled)
Prof Beatriz Calvo-Merino

February 22nd 2012 4PM
Reorganization of cerebral networks after stroke: new insights from neuroimaging with connectivity approaches
Dr Christian Grefkes

February 17th 2012 4PM
Number, space and time
Professor Brian Butterworth

February 10th 2012 4PM
Towards Socially Intelligent Machines: Computing Nonverbal Communication in Human-Human Interaction.
Dr Alessandro Vinciarelli

January 27th 2012 4PM
What does the brain know about orthography?
Dr Joseph Devlin

January 20th 2012 4PM
Event comprehension and competition between multiple representations of the same object
Professor Gerry Altmann

January 13th 2012 4PM
Distortions of probability information in human judgment: ubiquitous log odds
Professor Laurence T. Maloney

December 9th 2011 4PM
Functional Neuroimaging of Sleep and Sleep Disorders
Dr. Thien Thanh Dang-Vu

December 2nd 2011 4PM
Watching People
Professor Frank Pollick

November 25th 2011 4PM
Interacting with brain oscillations to change perception
Professor Gregor Thut

November 18th 2011 4PM
Age-related and individual differences in the first half-second of visual processing
Dr. Guillaume Rousselet

November 11th 2011 4PM
Situated Language Understanding: An Irrational Analysis
Dr Dale Barr

November 7th 2011 4PM
Genomic/Genetic Approaches to Sleep and Its Disorders.
Professor Allan I Pack

November 4th 2011 4PM
Variability in photos of the same face
Dr Rob Jenkins

October 28th 2011 4PM
VNL research: work in progress.
Professor Pascal Belin

October 21st 2011 4PM
Stimuli, brain signals, behavioural responses: An information-theoretic accoun
Professor Philippe Schyns

October 14th 2011 4PM
How is self-motion encoded in the human brain
Prof Andrew T. Smith

September 30th 2011 4PM
About the role of brain oscillations in active sensing
Professor Joachim Gross

September 23rd 2011 4PM
Predictive coding in visual cortex
Dr. Lars Muckli

June 13th 2011 5PM
The differential role of slow and fast cortical oscillations in encoding naturalistic visual information
Dr Stefano Panzeri

June 10th 2011 4PM
Network organization of human brain structure and function.
Dr Dani Bassett

May 20th 2011 4PM
Studying top-down control in the human brain with concurrent TMS-fMRI.
Dr Christian Ruff

May 13th 2011 4PM
Oscillatory cortical networks during perceptual decision-making.
Dr Markus Siegel

April 26th 2011 4PM
Global properties of natural scenes shape local properties of human edge detectors
Dr. Peter Neri

April 15th 2011 4PM
Mind-oriented movements
Dr Ivan Toni

April 8th 2011 4PM
"Rhythms of visual perception and attention"
Dr Rufin vanRullen

March 18th 2011 4PM
Resolving ambiguous visual scenes: Context, natural statistics and learning
Dr. Erich Graf

March 11th 2011 4PM
Entrainment of human EEG: Sensory versus electrical entrainment and simulations
Prof Christoph Herrmann

March 4th 2011 4PM
Using judgment to deal with streams of data: Forecasting and other tasks
Prof. Nigel Harvey

January 21st 2011 4PM
The hyperarousal model of insomnia
Dr. Kai Spiegelhalder

November 26th 2010 4PM
CCNi Presentations
members of department

November 19th 2010 4PM
The cognitive basis of perspective-taking: evidence for "two systems"
Dr Ian Apperly

November 12th 2010 4PM
Systems memory consolidation during sleep
Dr Steffen Gais

October 29th 2010 4PM
Young children’s Social Cognition taken to the Lab: Experimental Paradigms, Findings and what comes next
Dr María Núñez

October 15th 2010 4PM
The future direction of fMRI
Professor Dr Rainer Goebel

September 29th 2010 4PM
Biased Perception: How Language Influences What We See.
Prof. Richard Ivry

July 26th 2010 4PM
ntPET: PET Analysis Methods for Tracking Temporal (Phasic) Fluctuations in Neurotransmitter Levels. Validation Experiments and Future Uses.
Evan Morris, Associate Professor

May 27th 2010 4PM
Compartment-Specific Investigation of Neural Tissue Microstructure with Diffusion Weighted MR Spectroscopy
Itamar Ronen, Associate Professor

May 21st 2010 4PM
The interplay between auditory and visual motion perception in the human brain
Arjen Alink

May 14th 2010 4PM
The Dynamic, Immediate, and Interactive Influences of Real-world Events on Language Comprehension
Prof Ken McRae

April 30th 2010 4PM
Neuroscientific investigations of musical rhythm processing
Dr Jessica Grahn

April 16th 2010 4PM
Compartment-Specific Investigation of Neural Tissue Microstructure with Diffusion Weighted MR Spectroscopy
Itamar Ronen, Associate Professor

April 9th 2010 4PM
A couple of challenges for visual perception under uncertainty
Dr Pascal Mamassian

March 19th 2010 4PM
Cross-cultural and laboratory responses to sexually dimorphic facial shape cues
Dr Lisa deBruine & Dr Ben Jones

March 5th 2010 4PM
Cortical centers or white matter networks for human spatial orienting?
Prof Hans-Otto Karnath

February 19th 2010 4PM
From sensory-motor associations to embodied numerical cognition
Dr Martin Fischer

February 12th 2010 4PM
On how knowing what to predict alters the threshold of conscious perception, timing and neuronal dynamics.
Dr Lucia Melloni

February 5th 2010 4PM
Functional MRI and magnetoencephalography (MEG) studis of the neural basis of lipreading
Dr Iiro Jääskeläinen

January 29th 2010 4PM
Emerging spatial memories in the human brain
Dr Thomas Wolbers

January 22nd 2010 4PM
Phase and amplitude dynamics of cortical networks in a visual working memory task.
Dr Matias Palva

January 15th 2010 4PM
Where do mirror neurons come from?
Prof Cecilia Heyes

December 11th 2009 4PM
The multisensory perception of synchrony
Prof Charles Spence

December 4th 2009 4PM
How oscillatory activity shapes the functional architecture of the working brain
Dr Ole Jensen

November 27th 2009 4PM
Attention and perception across cultures
Prof Jules Davidoff

November 20th 2009 4PM
Probabilistic models of sensorimotor control
Prof. Daniel Wolpert

November 6th 2009 4PM
Reduced Suppression in the Aging Visual System
Dr Lisa Betts

October 23rd 2009 4PM
Emotions Evoked by the Sound of Music
Dr Marcel Zentner

October 16th 2009 4PM
The Origins of Social Concern
Dr Keith Jensen

October 9th 2009 4PM
Eye and thou: Eye movements and social cognition
Dr Daniel Richardson

October 2nd 2009 4PM
Reward-based decision making and the brain
Dr Philippe Tobler

August 20th 2009 4PM
Do we click: brain alignment as the neuronal basis of interpersonal communication
Dr. Uri Hasson

May 22nd 2009 4PM
Attention and Social Attention in Autism
Prof. Sue Leekam

May 15th 2009 4PM
Action and Desire: Affective modulations of adaptive decision-making.
Prof. Richard Ridderinkhof

May 8th 2009 4PM
Now you see it, now you don’t: On semantic P600s and cross-linguistic variation in online verb– argument linking
Dr. Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky

May 1st 2009 4PM
Processing of emotional voices and their integration with emotional faces within the superior temporal sulcus.
Thomas Ethofer

April 24th 2009 4PM
How is information about facial identity represented in the brain?
Dr. Tim Andrews

March 27th 2009 4PM
Just can't stop: endophentypes of obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders
Dr. Sam Chamberlain

March 20th 2009 4PM
Mapping the parts of higher level cortex
Prof. Marty Sereno

March 13th 2009 4PM
Chimpanzee vocal communication: evolutionary links to human language?
Dr. Katie Slocombe

March 6th 2009 4PM
Is my red pinker than yours? Unconscious effects of language-specific terminology on pre-attentive color perception.
Prof. Guillaume Thierry

March 2nd 2009 4PM
Perception and Action Interactions: Evidence from Neuropsychology, Neuroimaging, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Prof. Jody Culham

February 27th 2009 4PM
The Rationality of Informal Argumentation: A Bayesian Approach to Reasoning Fallacies
Prof. Mike Oaksford

February 20th 2009 4PM
Decoding conscious and unconscious mental states from brain activity in humans
Dr. John-Dylan Haynes

February 13th 2009 4PM
Stereo vision without the ventral stream
Dr. Jenny Read

January 30th 2009 4PM
The neural basis of speech perception and production - the roles of streams of processing and asymmetries
Prof. Sophie Scott

January 23rd 2009 4PM
Low level visual processing and face recognition
Dr. Steve Dakin

December 5th 2008 4PM
"Joint action: Bodies and minds moving together"
Prof. Guenther Knoblich

November 21st 2008 4PM
"Exploring gene-culture interactions: insights from case studies".
Prof. Kevin Laland

November 14th 2008 4PM
"Earliest, Self-defining, Flashbulb, and Cultural Memories: Preliminary Results From a Large Scale Survey"
Prof. Martin Conway

November 7th 2008 4PM
"Why mathematicians are zombies."
Prof. Vincent Walsh

October 31st 2008 4PM
"Task-related oscillatory power changes and their relation to the haemodynamic response."
Prof. Krish Singh

October 24th 2008 4PM
"Neural synchrony as a mechanism for pathology and development in cortical networks."
Dr. Peter Uhlhaas

October 17th 2008 4PM
Investigating the impossible: A skeptical perspective
Prof. Richard Wiseman

October 10th 2008 4PM
"Unnoticed Seeing"
Prof. Andy Clark

October 3rd 2008 4PM
"How can the mirror neuron system infer intentions from observed actions"
Dr. James Kilner

September 26th 2008 4PM
Specialized brain mechanisms for the processing of faces
Prof. Galit Yovel

June 30th 2008 3PM
Orthographic codes and sublexical processing during reading
Prof. Manuel Carreiras

June 27th 2008 4PM
Functional imaging in psychiatry: From bench to bedside
Prof. David Linden

June 20th 2008 4PM
Emotions and the prefrontal cortex in depression
Prof. Georg Northoff

May 2nd 2008 4PM
Simultaneous TMS and fMRI in spatial cognition research
Dr Alexander Sack

April 11th 2008 4PM
Brain function during sleep deprivation: multimodal approaches to understanding group and individual differences in cognitive vulnerability
Prof. Sean Drummond

March 14th 2008 4PM
Capacity limit of attention and visual short-term memory dissociates from cognitive aptitude
Dr Rhodri Cusack

March 13th 2008 4PM
Distracted and confused? Brain mechanisms and psychological function of attention under load
Prof. Nilli Lavie

March 7th 2008 4PM
Noise-based characterization of small-scale algorithms for visual processing
Dr Peter Neri

February 29th 2008 4PM
The Growing Brain
Prof. Tomas Paus

February 22nd 2008 4PM
What’s the story? Neuroimaging studies of text comprehension
Dr Evelyn Ferstl

February 15th 2008 4PM
Perception, action & interaction: brain-damaged and normal evidence
Dr Rob McIntosh

February 1st 2008 4PM
Crossmodal compensation in deafness : from neuronal bases in monkeys to functional brain imaging in humans
Dr Pascal Barone

January 25th 2008 4PM
New Findings on the Brain Basis of Musical Skills and Dancing
Prof. Lawrence Parsons

December 7th 2007 4PM
How do monkeys and humans see real-world objects? exploring representational similarity across species
Dr Nikolaus Kriegeskorte

November 30th 2007 4PM
Music and the Brain
Prof. Tim Griffiths

November 23rd 2007 4PM
Neurophysiology of pain perception
Dr Markus Ploner

November 16th 2007 4PM
Embodied semantics: Conceptual representations in the sensory and motor systems
Dr Markus Kiefer

November 9th 2007 4PM
Summation and Suppression of Luminance Contrast in Early Vision
Dr Tim Meese

October 26th 2007 4PM
Performance Incentives and the Dynamics of Voluntary Cooperation
Prof. Simon Gaechter

October 19th 2007 4PM
Detecting sparse signals and sparse connectivity in scale-space, with applications to the 'bubbles' task in an fMRI experiment
Prof. Keith Worsley

September 20th 2007 4PM
A hierarchy of temporal receptive windows in human cortex
Dr Uri Hasson

September 3rd 2007 4PM
The cognitive neuroscience of episodic memory: a functional neuroimaging perspective
Prof. Michael D. Rugg

April 27th 2007 4PM
Event perception and memory: A mind-brain perspective
Prof. Jeffrey Zacks

March 23rd 2007 4PM
Developmental prosopagnosia
Dr Brad Duchaine

March 16th 2007 4PM
Single-trial Neuroimaging: Identifying Neural Correlates of Trial-to- Trial Behavioral Variability
Prof. Paul Sajda

March 14th 2007 1PM
Does a Fast, Fear-Related, Subcortical Visual Pathway to the Amygdala exist? Counter-evidences from Affective Blindsight and Monkey’s LFPs
Sara L. Gonzalez Andino

March 9th 2007 4PM
DTI, distortions and directions
Dr Jesper Andersson

March 2nd 2007 4PM
Time series analysis with Fieldtrip: concepts and applications
Dr Robert Oostenveld

February 23rd 2007 4PM
Decoding the ‘listening brain’: Brain reading of auditory percepts in human with functional neuroimaging
Dr Elia Formisano

February 22nd 2007 4PM
Top-down influences on the neural processing of speech sounds
Dr Milene Bonte

February 16th 2007 4PM
Representing Dynamic Information for Object Recognition
Dr Quoc Vuong

February 9th 2007 4PM
When Thoughts Become Actions: Functional Neuroimaging In Altered States of Consciousness
Dr Adrian Owen

February 2nd 2007 4PM
Atypical visual evoked potentials in individuals with autistic spectrum disorder
Dr Elizabeth Milne

January 26th 2007 4PM
From overconfidence to pragmatic implicatures: How people describe uncertain quantities
Prof. Karl Teigen

December 1st 2006 4PM
The Temporal Structure of Visual Perception: Insights From an Illusion of Reversed Motion
Dr Rufin VanRullen

November 24th 2006 4PM
The Misbehaviour of Value and the Discipline of the Will
Prof. Peter Dayan

November 17th 2006 4PM
Neuronal dynamics underlying language comprehension
Dr. Marcel Bastiaansen

November 10th 2006 4PM
Cognition, emotion and hominin mental architecture: an evolutionary analysis
Dr Philip Barnard

November 3rd 2006 4PM
Just how fast is ultra-rapid scene processing
Prof. Simon Thorpe

October 27th 2006 4PM
Exploring the roles of the frontal, temporal and parietal lobes in visual learning and categorization
Dr David Freedman

October 20th 2006 4PM
Putting together the puzzle of multisensory perception
Dr Marc Ernst

October 13th 2006 4PM
Face processing to see the future
Prof David Perrett

September 15th 2006 4PM
Overt and covert processing of emotion from identity in the brain
Maria A. Bobes

September 5th 2006 4PM
What speakers do and don't do to be understood by their listeners
Victor Ferreira

August 28th 2006 4PM
The intrinsic constraint model for stereo-motion integration
Prof. Fulvio Domini

June 9th 2006 4PM
Simulation of another person's behaviour: Effects on attention, emotion and personal-trait judgments
Prof. Steven Tipper

May 26th 2006 4PM
Mission impossible: combining event-related EEG and fMRI on a single-trial level
Dr Stefan Debener

May 15th 2006 4:30PM
Dynamics and Connectivity: Beyond Blobology
Prof. Gary Green

March 31st 2006 4PM
Dynamics of oscillatory networks in human: from intracranial to eeg-meg scalp recordings
Dr Olivier Bertrand

March 10th 2006 4PM
The statistics of natural binocular images
Dr Paul Hibbard

March 3rd 2006 4PM
Neural Basis of Face Recognition
Prof. Irving Biederman

February 24th 2006 4PM
The mystery of patient DF
Dr Thomas Schenk

February 17th 2006 4PM
How magicians distort our perception: Misdirection and Representational Momentum
Dr Gustav Kuhn

February 10th 2006 4PM
Priming of Syntactic Configurational Information
Dr Timothy Desmet

February 3rd 2006 4PM
Structural and functional brain abnormalities associated with developmental stuttering
Dr Kate Watkins

January 27th 2006 4PM
Mechanisms of motion perception: Investigating perceptual interactions between different varieties of motion in human vision
Dr Tim Ledgeway

January 20th 2006 4PM
Moving and motion adaptation
Dr Tom Freeman

December 9th 2005 4PM
Combining TMS and EEG in cognitive neuroscience: methods and applications
Dr Gregor Thut

December 2nd 2005 4PM
Auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia: what makes them real?
Professor Peter Woodruff

November 25th 2005 4PM
EEG dynamics underlying visual ERP to faces and objects
Dr Guillaume Rousselet

November 18th 2005 4PM
So when do listeners use context?
Dr Jos Van Berkum

November 11th 2005 4PM
Brain and molecular mechanisms of vigilant attention
Prof. Ian Robertson

November 4th 2005 4PM
FMRI approaches to high-level vision: object representation and recognition
Dr Evelyn Eger

October 28th 2005 4PM
The modularity of visual working memory revisited
Dr David Linden

October 21st 2005 4PM
Predicting consciousness
Dr Geraint Rees

October 14th 2005 4PM
Neural complexity in the functional and dysfunctional brain: some tests of the dynamic core hypothesis
Prof. Adrian Burgess

October 7th 2005 4PM
Clarifying the functional neuro-anatomy of face processing by combining lesion studies and neuroimaging
Dr Bruno Rossion

June 10th 2005 4PM
Mood congruent memory, another reason to be happy!
Dr Penny Lewis

June 3rd 2005 4PM
Memory, ageing and the brain
Dr Alexa Morcom

May 27th 2005 4PM
Development of perceptual causality
Dr Anne Schlottmann

May 20th 2005 4PM
Reading with the Right Hemisphere: Evidence from Developmental Deep Dyslexia
Dr Nicola Pitchford

May 13th 2005 4PM
The reconstruction of facial expressions and body postures in embodied systems: new approaches to an old problem
Prof Karl Grammer

May 13th 2005 1PM
Distributed neuronal assemblies for word processing as revealed by fMRI, EEG, MEG, TMS, and lesion evidence
Friedemann Pulvermüller

April 29th 2005 4PM
Eye-movement control during reading
Professor Reinhold Kliegl

April 22nd 2005 4PM
Stimulus search and optimisation for visual neurons
Dr Peter Foldiak

March 18th 2005 4PM
Working memory function and dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease
Professor Robert Logie

March 11th 2005 4:15PM
Hemispheric differences in reading
Dr Michal Lavidor

March 4th 2005 4PM
Sex and agreement: Brain potentials associated to gender and number agreement in Spanish
Professor Manolo Carreiras

February 25th 2005 4PM
Gestures in music performance: Examples from drumming strategies and expressive movements."
Sofia Dahl

February 18th 2005 4PM
Measuring vision psychophysically with natural-scene stimuli
Dr David Tolhurst

February 11th 2005 4PM
'MEG correlates of recognition'
Dr Astrid Schloerscheidt

January 28th 2005 4PM
Face perception, face recognition and the processing of emotional facial expression: Evidence from event-related brain potentials
Professor Martin Eimer

January 21st 2005 4PM
Mediating the mapping between language and the visual world
Professor Gerry Altmann

January 14th 2005 4PM
Colour illusions: What do they tell us about the mechanisms of colour vision?
Professor Alexander Logvinenko

December 10th 2004 4PM
Binocular coordination during reading
Dr Simon Liversedge

December 10th 2004 2:30PM
Thinking the voice: Cortical processing of vocal sounds
Dr Pascal Belin

December 3rd 2004 4PM
Inappropriate focus cues cause biases in perceived depth
Dr Simon Watt

November 26th 2004 4PM
Breakdowns of Autobiographical Memory
Professor Martin Conway

November 19th 2004 4PM
Variations on a Theme of Mach
Dr Bruce Henning

November 19th 2004 11AM
Non-Linear makes beautiful
Professor Jeanny Herault

November 12th 2004 4PM
Old dog, new tricks? Probing motion processing, dyslexia and visual search with the Ternus display
Dr Nick Scott-Samuel

November 5th 2004 4PM
Reconfiguring mind and brain for an upcoming change of task
Professor Stephen Monsell

November 1st 2004 1PM
The psychology of eye-witness identification evidence
Dr Richard Kemp

October 22nd 2004 4PM
Heading in the right direction
Professor Brian Rogers

October 15th 2004 4PM
Action Perception and Representation: Developing a Psychology of Events
Thomas F. Shipley

July 2nd 2004 4PM
Steps along the Way from Spectrum to Object
Ken Knoblauch

May 21st 2004 4PM
Movement planning and decision making under risk
Laurence T. Maloney

March 30th 2004 1PM
Repetition Blindness Isn't A Learned Structural Bias Interpretation of Repetition Deficits in RSVP
John R. Vokey

March 22nd 2004 4PM
Self-motion Perception and Action from Complex Optical Flow
Michiteru Kitazaki

March 19th 2004 4PM
Spatial Representations Activated Through Number Processing
Martin Fischer

March 12th 2004 4PM
Cognitive processes in chronic insomnia: A role for perception, attention and thought?
Allison Harvey

March 5th 2004 4PM
Why September is blue, and society tastes of onions: Mechanisms of linguistically triggered synaesthesia
Julia Simner

February 27th 2004 4PM
Seeing ambiguity
Paul Goddard

February 27th 2004 12PM
Investigating cortical interactions in large-scale neural networks
Rainer Goebel

February 20th 2004 4PM
Human long-term memory and the brain: what and where?
Kim Graham

February 13th 2004 4PM
Talking about places, spaces and faces.
Kenny Coventry

February 6th 2004 4PM
Automatic activation and inhibition processes in low-level motor control
Friederike Schlaghecken

January 30th 2004 4PM
Reconstructing Distances Among Objects From Their Discriminability
Hans Colonius

January 23rd 2004 4PM
'Seeing the wood and the trees: experiments on visual texture'
Andrew Schofield

January 16th 2004 4PM
Alignment in human-human and human-computer dialogue
Martin Pickering

December 5th 2003 4PM
Perception and action in neglect and optic ataxia - evidence of a double dissociation
Igor Schindler

November 28th 2003 4PM
Retrieval induced forgetting: inhibition or transfer appropriate forgetting?
Tim Perfect

November 21st 2003 4PM
Action Monitoring & Interference Control
Richard Ridderinkhof

November 14th 2003 4PM
Binocular disparity in natural images
Paul Hibbard

November 7th 2003 4PM
Models of Early Spatial Vision
Felix Wichmann

October 31st 2003 4PM
Spinning with quantifiers
Anthony J. Sanford

October 24th 2003 4PM
Incremental interpretation of German particle verb constructions:
Christoph Scheepers

October 17th 2003 4PM
Color for Recognition and Action
Karl Gegenfurtner

October 10th 2003 4PM
Functional Imaging of Coherent Visual Perception in the Monkey and the Human
Zoe Kourtzi

May 15th 2003 4PM
Object- and location-based IOR: Implications for attention and memory.
Steve Tipper

May 9th 2003 4PM
Enriched compositional processes in language comprehension
Brian McElree

April 25th 2003 4PM
Eye Movements and Cognitive Processes in Reading: What We’ve Learned about Word Identification
Alexander Pollatsek

March 14th 2003 4PM
A Parallel Grains Model for Simple Reaction Time
Rolf Ulrich

March 7th 2003 4PM
Simplicity: A fundamental cognitive principle
Nick Chater

February 28th 2003 4PM
Priming face processing in the brain
Richard Henson

February 21st 2003 4PM
Image reconstruction using natural scene statistics predicts many aspects of lightness perception
Steven Dakin

February 14th 2003 4PM
Predictive processing in incremental parsing: Evidence from cross-linguistic
Yuki Kamide

February 7th 2003 4PM
Why do we move our eyes?
Iain Gilchrist

January 31st 2003 4PM
Consciousness is gated by attending for action: evidence from hemispatial neglect
Bob Rafal

January 24th 2003 4PM
Properties of residual vision in the cortically blind.
Arash Sahraie

January 10th 2003 4PM
Anticipating Objects in Action
Ian Thornton

December 10th 2002 4:25PM
Snapshots of completion
Pat Bennett

December 10th 2002 3:30PM
The perception of partly occluded objects
Allison Sekuler

December 6th 2002 4PM
Neuroimaging memory: Is it just modern day phrenology?
David Donaldson

November 29th 2002 4PM
Some Asymmetries in Repertory Grid and Semantic Differential Data
Richard Bell

November 22nd 2002 4PM
Dynamics of shape perception
Gunter Loffler

November 15th 2002 4PM
Functional Utility of Trichromatic Colour Vision: What Can Studies with Monkeys Tell Us ?
Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith

November 8th 2002 4PM
Visual search and the parietal cortex (and the frontal eye fields and the extrastriate cortex and the primary visual cortex)
Vincent Walsh

November 1st 2002 4PM
Implicit and Explicit Alcohol-related Cognitions and their Role in the Etiology of Alcoholism: Basic Mechanisms and Implications for Interventions.
Reinold Weirs

October 25th 2002 4PM
The role of stereopsis in surface interpolation
Laurie Wilcox

October 18th 2002 4PM
Are Contours Dead?
James Elder

July 5th 2002 4PM
Shallow Syntactic Processing
Fernanda Ferreira

May 17th 2002 4PM
Functional MRI reveals the cerebral substrates of linguistic and affective prosody
Martin Meyer

April 26th 2002 4PM
Smart Heuristics: Bounded Rationality and the Adaptive Toolbox
Gerd Gigerenzer

March 8th 2002 4PM
Computations in human motor learning
Daniel Wolpert

March 1st 2002 4PM
A novel paradigm to study conscious visual perception
Raymond Van Ee

February 22nd 2002 4PM
Psychophysics of natural images
Tom Troscianko

February 15th 2002 4PM
Eye movements and cognitive processes in reading
Keith Rayner

February 8th 2002 4PM
Hands, hemispaces and visually-guided aiming
David Carey

February 1st 2002 4PM
The cognitive neuroscience of human memory: a perspective from neuroimaging
Michael Rugg

January 25th 2002 4PM
Self-monitoring in speech
Robert Hartsuiker

January 18th 2002 4PM
Running out of time: Ageing and the biological clock.
Stephany M. Biello

January 11th 2002 4PM
When do you become aware of a stimulus
David Rose

November 30th 2001 4PM
Independent use of different kinds of information within a single task
Eli Brenner

November 23rd 2001 4PM
Parasitic Pedagogy: Learning Lessons from the Common Cold
Seth Bullock

November 16th 2001 4PM
The behaviour of humpback whales in Hawaiian waters.
Alison Craig

November 9th 2001 4PM
Visuomotor Development: Making Visual Sense of the World
Patricia Riddell

November 2nd 2001 4PM
Configural Face Processing: Inputs & Consequences
Beena Khurana

October 26th 2001 4PM
The many faces of attention and emotion: Behavioural and functional imaging studies in neglect patients
Patrik Vuilleumier

October 19th 2001 4PM
Are perceptual categories really conceptual?
Debi Roberson

October 12th 2001 4PM
Focus particles, parsing and interpretation
Kevin Paterson

May 25th 2001 4PM
The Human Conceptual System
Lawrence W. Barsalou

April 27th 2001 4PM
Language physiology and language philosophy. A few words on words in the brain and Wittgenstein
Friedemann Pulvermüller

March 9th 2001 4PM
Prediction in movement control
Alan Wing

March 2nd 2001 4PM
Do the Eyes Have it? Cues to the Direction of Social Attention
Stephen Langton

February 23rd 2001 4PM
Reading faces
David Perrett

February 16th 2001 4PM
The executive control of action: Evidence from language switching
Stephen Jackson

February 9th 2001 4PM
Altered states: the psychopharmacology of 'Ecstasy'
Jon Cole

February 2nd 2001 4PM
Some differences between familiar and unfamiliar face processing
A. Mike Burton

January 19th 2001 4PM
Seeing speech in the brain
Ruth Campbell

January 12th 2001 4PM
The Own-Face Effect: The neurophysiological basis of self-identity
James Tanaka

December 8th 2000 4PM
The Neural Machinery of Working Memory - A Comparative Approach
Onur Güntürkün

December 1st 2000 4PM
An experience-based model of syntactic ambiguity resolution using dynamic grammars and recursive neural networks
Patrick Sturt

November 24th 2000 4PM
Analysing irrational choices
Martin Lages

November 23rd 2000 4PM
Neglect and the Dorsal Stream: How Impaired is the Action System?
Monika Harvey

November 17th 2000 4PM
Investigating neural mechanisms of visual spatial attention by means of the steady-state visual evoked potential
Matthias Müller

November 3rd 2000 4PM
Image-based object recognition
Heinrich Bülthoff

October 20th 2000 4PM
Animal models of amnesia: The effects of hippocampal lesions on olfactory and spatial memory in the rodent
Paul Dudchenko

June 2nd 2000 4PM
Functional neuroanatomy of semantic memory: Evidence from event-related potential studies
Markus Kiefer

May 12th 2000 4PM
Neuropsychological assessment and the question of termination of hydration and feeding
Tom MacMillan

May 5th 2000 4PM
Conversations with language-impaired children: what goes wrong and why?
Dorothy Bishop

March 17th 2000 4PM
Monitoring the state of the motor system by movement-related brain potentials
Hartmut Leuthold

March 10th 2000 4PM
How do we plan words when we speak? -- An overview
Ardi Roelofs

March 3rd 2000 4PM
The syntactic process
Mark Steedman

February 25th 2000 4PM
Visuo-motor couplings in imitative and object-guided actions: A review
Stefan Vogt

February 18th 2000 4PM
Interactive communication: Theory and experiments
Simon C. Garrod

February 11th 2000 4PM
Identification of the eye-hand-brain system with point processes: A new approach to simple reaction time
Bill Simpson

February 4th 2000 4PM
Psychological profiles of managers in formerly communist countries
Mark Cook

January 28th 2000 4PM
A Simplicity Principle In Unsupervised Human Categorization
Emmanuel Pothos

January 21st 2000 4PM
Sight unseen: the neuropsychology of visually guided action
David Milner

May 6th 1999 4PM
The cognitive psychology of auditory distraction

April 29th 1999 4PM
Some thoughts on change blindness

April 22nd 1999 4PM
Visual control of locomotion

March 25th 1999 4PM
Levels of attentional selectivity and cross-modal links in attention: Evidence from event-related brain potentials

March 11th 1999 4PM
Active vision: Why do we need to attend?

March 4th 1999 4PM
How is the use of memory controlled

February 25th 1999 4PM
Magnetoencephalographic (MEG) investigation of brain function in humans with normal and disordered vision
Stephen J. Anderson

February 18th 1999 4PM
The psychology of paranormal belief and ostensibly paranormal experiences
Christopher C. French

February 11th 1999 4PM
What is improved by visual attention?
Michael J. Morgan

February 4th 1999 4PM
Individual Differences Psychology: The end of an era. Where do we go from here?
Paul Barrett

January 28th 1999 4PM
Language skills and learning to read
Kate Nation

January 21st 1999 4PM
From neurons to motorway madness
Robert J. Snowden

November 26th 1998 4PM
Visual interpolation and segmentation of sampled contours
Laurence T. Maloney

November 19th 1998 4PM
It's written all over your face: Tapping the mechanisms underlying facial expression perception
Andy Calder

November 12th 1998 4PM
Does drawing facilitate recall in children?
Glyn Thomas

October 29th 1998 4PM
Phonological coding in word perception and reading
Alexander Pollatsek

October 22nd 1998 4PM
Recent investigations of visual perception in Aberdeen
Jan B. Deregowski

October 15th 1998 4PM
Task set and attention: Facilitation and suppression of competing tasks
Alan Allport