Seminar Series

Orthographic codes and sublexical processing during reading

One important stage of reading is visual word recognition. Most of the words we have to recognize are polysyllabic. This presents an important challenge for the major computational models of visual word recognition, which are currently restricted to processing monosyllabic words. Here, I will review some of the key findings concerning identification of polysyllabic words and discuss the role of different sublexical units such as syllables and morphemes. Another important challenge is how we code for letters and whether all letters have the same importance during the process of word recognition. One key issue for computational models is the choice of an input coding scheme for assigning letter position. I will discuss behavioural, electrophysiological and fMRI evidence for letter transpositions, showing contrasting effects of consonants and vowels that seem to reflect different roles of the two types of letters in visual word recognition.