Cognitive Neuroscience Talks

Advanced MR Techniques

A high field magnet is to be installed in the CCNi, the primary purpose of which is to perform functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). However MRI can be used to measure approximately 40 other physico-chemical parameters all of which are of some research or clinical significance. These include parameters related to: Volumetry, Diffusion, Angiography, Perfusion, Pharmacological interventions, MR Spectroscopy. In order to be able to perform some of these measurements it would be necessary to purchase expensive optional hardware and software packages as well as the basic MR system. The aim of this seminar is to briefly describe some of these techniques and provide some examples of their uses in research. Potential users who find any of these techniques of relevance are encouraged to feed this back to the MRI purchase team to help guide them in the specification of equipment during the purchasing process.