Autism Journal Club

Inclusive Learning and Teaching

Dr Elliott Spaeth (he/him) works in the Academic and Digital Development team, helping lecturers to think about their teaching, and in particular how to teach more inclusively. He is currently developing a 10 credit, Masters-level course on Inclusive Learning and Teaching Practice within the programme that new lecturers take upon starting at the University. This Autism Journal Club meeting will focus on gathering and discussing ideas of how we can teach in a way that is truly inclusive and embracing of autistic (and otherwise neurodivergent) people. Elliott opposes ABA and other attempts to condition autistic people to behave more neurotypically. Elliott is autistic and has ADHD, and holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology. His current work focuses on the intersection of psychology and pedagogy. Elliott asks that you get in touch with him (at if there is anything he can do to make the session more inclusive for you as a participant.