Autism Journal Club

Experimentally testing the association between Intolerance of Uncertainty, anxiety, and autism

I will be discussing my dissertation topic on the association between the cognitive bias of intolerance to uncertainty (IU) and characteristics of autism. In my research I recruited participants from the general population and measured 4 characteristics using online questionnaires- sensory sensitivity, anxiety, intolerance of uncertainty and, traits of autism. One aim of my research was to investigate an association between trait IU and autism. The second aim of my research was to test the efficacy of measuring trait IU using an accessible online game. This game was developed specifically for the purposes of my research, and it was modelled on the works of Radell et al. (2016). My research provided positive support for the association of trait IU and autism characteristics. The game requires further development; however, trait IU could be used as a diagnostic measure for autism. Currently, trait IU relies on self and parent report measures. Developing a game to test trait IU improves the accessibility of the measures and could be used amongst the autistic population that are currently overlooked due to language ability.