Seminar Series

Bodily Expressions: Computational Approaches for Understanding Nonverbal Communication of Personality and Embodied Communication in VR

In the first portion of the talk, I will examine how nonverbal communication, and in particular gesture, conveys personality to observers. Our work is framed using the Five Factor or OCEAN model of personality from social psychology. Drawing both from the psychology literature and primary perceptual research with animated agents, I'll show how movement changes impact perceived character personality. I'll look at particular movement factors that influence personality traits and also show that in many cases, people may be making two distinct personality judgments, rather than five in correspondence to the five factor personality model. The second part of the talk will focus on how people use embodied avatars to aid communication in virtual reality. I'll discuss a study comparing interaction in VR with embodied avatars, without avatars, and with face-to-face interaction.