Autism Journal Club

Autism, Anxiety and Prayer: An Interdisciplinary Approach

PhD candidate Henna Cundill will be talking about her project. Henna's research question for her PhD is, "How do Autistic People Describe the Experience of Prayer?" Within her research, Henna is hoping to establish if, and in what ways, autistic Christians use prayer as part of managing anxiety. The project is interdisciplinary, with one (main) supervisor in Divinity (Dr Léon van Ommen) and one in Psychology (Dr David Simmons). In her presentation, Henna will briefly review her own background and the history of research into prayer and spirituality within autism. She will then review several research methods that have been used to examine prayer and anxiety, reflecting on why studies using qualitative methods tend to produce results which strongly contradict studies using quantitative methods. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 812 298 9629