Autism Journal Club

The more the merrier: Bringing dialogical approaches to the study of autism

Autism is defined primarily by the presence of challenges in social interaction and communication. Rather counter-intuitively, the majority of research investigating these difficulties has used methods in which most interactional and communicative components are removed from the testing situation. In this talk I will present a series of studies exploring the benefits of adopting a dialogical approach to the study of autism. Two studies explored how the presence of social partners influence eye gaze behaviour both in autistic and non-autistic populations. A third study extended Sheppard’s et al (2016) findings by assessing autistic participants’ ability to read spontaneous facial expressions of both autistic and non-autistic adults engaging in social interactions. The findings combined point towards the need to widen the lens of study of social interactions in autism to include both autistic and non-autistic social partners. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 812 298 9629