Autism Journal Club

Sensorimotor difficulties in autism: evaluation and possible interventions.

Tom Arthur from the University of Bath will be talking about his research. Abstract: Sensory disturbances and impaired motor coordination are common features of ASD which can impact on a person's daily living skills, independence, and quality of life. However, little is known about what causes these difficulties. Our research explores the mechanisms that underpin sensorimotor differences in autism, using an interdisciplinary approach that combines methodologies from clinical psychology, computational neuroscience, virtual reality, and sport science. Our findings challenge a number of high-profile theories of autism, and have highlighted precise differences in predictive processing that emerge during movement tasks. Specifically, our recent VR data suggests that autistic people tend to interact with the world as if it is highly uncertain and/or volatile, which leads to visual sampling atypicalities and impaired motor coordination. This presentation will discuss the practical implications of these results, through exploring how they could be used by coaches and teachers to help combat movement-related difficulties in the autism community.