Autism Journal Club

Understanding the relationships between camouflaging, autistic identity, disclosure and stigma

Dr Eilidh Cage from the University of Stirling will be talking about her research. In this talk Dr Eilidh Cage will discuss new findings concerning camouflaging - behaviours used to mask or hide autistic characteristics, or to appear as though non-autistic within social situations. Previous work suggests that camouflaging is detrimental in terms of mental wellbeing, thus it is important we understand camouflaging and variables related to it. Here, Eilidh will present findings that suggest that (a) autistic social identity could be protective when it comes to camouflaging, but only when someone is openly autistic, (b) that camouflaging could be a response to autism-related stigma. Implications of these findings will be discussed, in terms of understanding ways we can support autistic people to safely “take the mask off”.