Autism Journal Club

INSAR webinar Research Towards theEarly Screening and Treatment of Autism

Joshua A. Gordon, MD, PhD online INSAR webinar. Zoom ID 812-298-9629 Abstract: NIMH Director Dr. Joshua Gordon will provide an update on federal support for research towards identifying and treating autism as early in life as possible. He will provide an overview of the Autism Biomarkers Consortium, a public-private partnership aimed at developing new clinical tools for the study of autism, and the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, a Federal advisory committee that helps to coordinate research efforts and provides a forum for diverse perspectives. He will also highlight NIMH-supported advances and ongoing research, including clinical tools for the early detection of autism, progress toward understanding the neurobiology of genetic and environmental risk for autism, and increased attention on autism among adults and youth in transition to adulthood.