Autism Journal Club

INSAR webinar A Pluralistic View of Autism Using the ICF

Sven Bölte, PhD online INSAR webinar. Zoom ID: 812-298-9629 Abstract: While there is strong agreement that autism is a heterogeneous condition and requires individualized understanding, traditionally, autism has been looked at predominantly a clinical symptomatology perspective. Still, for autistic individuals, their families and large parts of society, the dimensions of functioning and quality of life are both more significant and accessible. In addition, In recent years, the concept of neurodiversity has challenged the biomedical model of autism, demanding a more balanced view of autism and favoring social and environmental responsibility model of autism. In this keynote lecture, the WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), and the recently developed ICF Core Sets for autism are introduced that allow to integrate different approaches to autism and a pluralistic view of the strengths and weaknesses of autistic individuals and how they emerge in facilitative and hindering environments.