Autism Journal Club

The influence of personality on attentional processing style.

Margo Parker will be presenting her current plan for the Masters project. All feedback will be welcome. Zoom ID: 812-298-9629 ABSTRACT: The present study will investigate the relationship between preference for sorting objects on the basis of either local (color, size) or global criteria (genre, category membership) and score on the Systemizing Quotient (SQ) in individuals with and without autism. Participants will complete a preferential sorting task in which they will be asked to divide sets of objects into two categories based on any criteria of their choosing. The objects will be differentiable based on local or global elements. We hypothesize that participants scoring higher on the SQ will show a preference for sorting based on local elements, while those scoring lower on the SQ will instead prefer to sort the objects based on global elements. If our hypothesis is confirmed, results can be interpreted as further evidence for an attentional preference in high-systemizing individuals (such as those on the autism spectrum) to process local, rather than global, features of visual stimuli.