Methods & Meta-science

Eavesdropping On Everyday Life

This talk considers the unique insights that can be gained by combining multiple methods for studying daily life. In the Personality and Interpersonal Roles Study (PAIRS), 300 participants completed experience sampling method (ESM) self-reports while wearing the Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR), an unobtrusive audio recording device, for one week. Over the past five years, nearly 300 research assistants have transcribed and coded participants’ behaviors and environments from over 300,000 EAR audio files. To provide two examples of questions that can only be answered by capturing actual behavior alongside ESM self-reports, I will describe two projects that have resulted from this dataset: 1) Do people have self-knowledge of their momentary personality states, and 2) What are people doing when they miss experience sampling reports? I will conclude by discussing the opportunities and challenges of implementing open practices with this highly-identifiable and repeatedly-used dataset.