Seminar Series

A decade of demented mice: from brainwaves to blood-flow

Disease modelling in pre-clinical species has been a cornerstone of biomedical science for decades. Contrary to the views of nay-sayers such endeavours have unquestionably played a role in the understanding of disease process and consequently the development and testing of many new therapies. In a neurophysiological career encompassing periods in both big pharma and academia my various teams have worked in multiple models of many diseases. For the last decade studies in mouse models of dementia have been our most prevalent endeavour of this nature. This work has encompassed both in vitro and in vivo neurophysiology in both models of Alzheimer’s Disease-associated amyloidopathy and tauopathy. In this talk I will highlight examples of 1) cell level in vitro work in brain slices, 2) in vivo neurophysiological work both in awake behaving mice and with 2 photon imaging and, time permitting, 3) some more nascent studies in the area of brain pericyte biology and neurovascular-physiology, an area we hope to expand upon in the future.