Autism Journal Club

In/Exclusivity in HE: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

ROOM CHANGE: the room for this event has changed to Room 218, St. Andrews Building, 11 Eldon St, G3 6NH Summary: In this session, we will give an overview of the type of inclusive/exclusive practices we are currently encountering in HE and discuss which learning and teaching experiences are beneficial for autistic students in various disciplines as well as where improvements are yet to be made and how these can be achieved. We will be examining wider attitudes within academia as well as specific examples of viable learning & teaching practice in Education and Veterinary Medicine The Ugly: Attitudes: ‘We don’t have any autistic students.’ Example: ‘Team-based learning’ - the scourge of any student with ASD/ADHD/social anxiety. The Bad: Attitude: ‘Certain inclusive practices disadvantage neurotypical students.’ Example: No lecture capture. (Special guest, Dr Emily Nordmann) The Good: Attitude: ‘We teach by involving the students hands-on.’ Example: C-section on an ewe during EMS, Farm Animal clinicians at university of Glasgow Veterinary School, also examples of inclusive practices at Nottingham University Veterinary School. Discussion points: 1. How can we change current attitudes regarding inclusivity among academic staff for the better? 2. How can we make sure best practice in terms of inclusive learning & teaching student experiences is adopted across all academic disciplines?