Seminar Series

Cultivating Well-Being Beyond Symptomatology in Paranoia; the Feasibility, Acceptability and Benefit of a Positive Psychology Group Intervention

The promotion of well-being is an essential element in the recovery process of any mental health problem and has been shown to predict remission in psychosis. Even in the context of severe mental illness where there has been a highly negative and pessimistic view of prognosis, there is an increased awareness in the need for a positive movement, involving focusing on well-being and positive psychosocial factors in its treatment. The aim of this talk is to provide information about; 1. The construction of two manualized group intervention protocols; a. one for patients with paranoid tendencies in psychotherapy in a University Clinic and b. another one for patients with Severe Mental Illness in Rehabilitation centers in Madrid, Spain. 2. The feasibility and acceptability of a protocol to improve well-being in both samples. 3. Preliminary results of two RCT trials will be presented. The results show that this positive psychology group therapy may be a powerful complementary strategy in mental health promotion among people receiving individual psychotherapy as well as people with Severe Mental Illness.