Autism Journal Club

Teaching Process for Children with Autism in Virtual Reality by Naranjo et al. 2017

This week, PhD student Serune Savickaite will lead the discussion on a paper that follows the discussion on using virtual reality for teaching methods with autism. Naranjo, C. A., Ortiz, J. S., Álvarez, V. M., Sánchez, J. S., Tamayo, V. M., Acosta, F. A., ... & Andaluz, V. H. (2017, December). Teaching Process for Children with Autism in Virtual Reality Environments. In Proceedings of the 2017 9th International Conference on Education Technology and Computers (pp. 41-45). ACM. Abstract: This paper presents the implementation of 3D virtual environments applied to the teaching-learning process for children with autism. The virtual system implemented allows real-time bilateral interaction between the user and the virtual environment in order to stimulate the abilities of children with autism spectrum disorder. The implemented system has multiple environments and applications for interaction with the physical medium in order to increase the stimulus of the affected. The results show the benefit and usability of the implementation of virtual environments to the processes of teaching learning of children with autism.