MEG Reading Group

JC | Parameterizing neural power spectra

Ever wondered what a FOOOF is? In this journal club Caroline will introduce us to the Voytek's lab own Haller et al. pre-print. Here is the abstract: "Electrophysiological signals across species and recording scales exhibit both periodic and aperiodic features. Periodic oscillations have been widely studied and linked to numerous physiological, cognitive, behavioral, and disease states, while the aperiodic “background” 1/f component of neural power spectra has received far less attention. Most analyses of oscillations are conducted on a priori, canonically-defined frequency bands without consideration of the underlying aperiodic structure, or verification that a periodic signal even exists in addition to the aperiodic signal. This is problematic, as recent evidence shows that the aperiodic signal is dynamic, changing with age, task demands, and cognitive state. [...]" For more info see this link: