Seminar Series

Midfrontal theta: a burgeoning multiscale perspective

Midfrontal theta is an idiosyncratic electrophysiological signature of that feeling when you are just about to make a mistke. I'll give a lightning-fast overview of the key findings in this literature and then discuss the current state-of-the-art, which includes (1) our demonstrations that conflict-related midfrontal theta is non-phase-locked and unrelated to ERPs, (2) our struggles to understand why, despite being 100% non-phase-locked, midfrontal theta phase seems to be so important for connectivity and for behavior, and (3) the curious invisibility of conflict-related theta in MEG. Several of the biggest mysteries are off-limits in humans, and I'll close by explaining how our current/future work in acquiring multiscale ephys datasets (neurons, LFP, EEG) in rodents will help make new discoveries about the origins and significances of midfrontal theta.