Seminar Series

Introducing Nature Human Behaviour

Launched in January 2017, Nature Human Behaviour is part of the Nature Research family of journals. Our aim is to publish research of outstanding significance into any aspect of individual and collective human behaviour. The journal’s scope is thematic rather than discipline-based, drawing from a broad range of disciplines that span the natural and social sciences, including (but not limited to) psychology, neuroscience, genetics, evolution, anthropology, sociology, economics, and political science. Our goal is to strengthen the visibility and impact of the disciplines that study human behaviour, promote interaction among disciplines, and support robust scientific practices. In this presentation, I will discuss the scope and aims of the journal, how it relates to other highly selective journals, and where it sits in the family of Nature Research journals. I will also discuss the editorial processes at Nature Human Behaviour and the other Nature Research journals (including Nature, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Communications, and Scientific Reports): I will explain what editors look for in the papers we want to publish, how we make decisions, and how to write a paper for submission to Nature Human Behaviour and other Nature Research journals.