Seminar Series

Harnessing 7T’s Strengths for Clinical Neuroradiology

Before 7T MRI, field strength increases for human MR scanners saw rapid adoption within a few short years of their introduction. But over a decade has now passed since the installation of the first 7T instruments in the United States. Compelling applications and new enabling technologies (especially superconducting magnets for 1.5T and parallel imaging techniques for 3T) served as motivating forces that ultimately led to more widespread clinical use of higher field strengths. To date, however, a strong clinical impetus for 7T is lacking and the technical advantages of 7T have yet to be fully realized. This lecture will summarize the experience with 7T MRI at UCSF since 2005, in an effort to highlight the some of the strongest use cases for 7T brain imaging, and suggest several emerging technical innovations poised to move 7T into a position to advance research and clinical neuroimaging.