Seminar Series

State dependent correlations between spontaneous neural activity and blood flow in awake mice & Use of microprisms for imaging structure and function in mouse somatosensory and visual cortex

To kick of this event, Professor Lars Muckli will give a short introduction to "The Human Brain Project" - and our involvement in it. Dr Robert Sachdev is from one of our collaborating Partner Labs (Matthew Larkumn, Berlin) and his work highlights the multi-species multi-method approach of the human brain project and of our work-package: Context-DeepNet. Dr Sachdev will give two short presentations about his work. In the first talk, he will show data that at rest spontaneous multiunit activity and local field of awake mice can change i.e. the cortical state can change, and this affects the correlation between activity and blood flow. He will also show that when there are correlations, between local field potential and blood flow, there are also correlations between multiunit firing rate and blood flow. In the second presentation, he will show data in awake and anesthetized mice where he developed a method for chronic imaging of structure and function through prisms inserted in either primary somatosensory or visual cortex.