Methods & Meta-science

Sleep and social emotions: a daily diary study

Sleep and emotions are closely linked (c.f. Beatttie et al., 2015; Baglioni et al., 2010), and studies have increasing looked at the day-to-day links between sleep and emotions (c.f. Kalmbach et al., 2014). However, the extent to which social emotions, such as shame and pride, are affected by sleep is currently unknown. Moreover, there is recent evidence that those with insomnia disorder experience shame differently (Wassing et al., 2016), and report being more sensitive to social evaluations (Kyle, Espie and Morgan, 2010). We gave participants a sleep and mood diary, which was completed upon awakening over seven days, as well as questionnaires to assess sleep and emotions. We report the results of some preliminary analysis, and would welcome feedback and suggestions on this study.