Seminar Series

Computational Modeling and Personal Robotics for Extracting Social Signatures

Social signal processing is an emerging research domain with rich and open fundamental and applied challenges. In this talk, I’ll focus on the development of social signal processing techniques for real applications in the field of psycho-pathology. I’ll overview recent research and investigation methods allowing neuroscience, psychology and developmental science to move from isolated individuals paradigms to interactive contexts by jointly analyzing behaviors and social signals of partners. From the concept of interpersonal synchrony, we’ll show how to address the complex problem of evaluating children with pervasive developmental disorders. These techniques are also demonstrated in the context of human-robot interaction by a new way of using robots in autism (moving from assistive devices to clinical investigations tools). I will finish by closing the loop between behaviors and physiological states by presenting new results on hormones (oxytocin, cortisol) and behaviors (turn-taking, proxemics) during early parent-infant interactions.