MEG Reading Group

Data Analysis -- in search for the most optimal way to normalize MEG resting-state oscillatory activity

I would like to invite everyone to join a discussion on the topic of normalization of MEG/EEG data. Oscillatory activity is often reported as being normalized, e.g. by means of expressing power changes as changes from baseline activity. The consensus is that such normalization procedures can help control for things like non-specific baseline differences between participants that can otherwise confound statistical effects of the experimental manipulation(s). I will present data from a resting state data set in which no baseline activity is available but normalization is still required. In an attempt to find an appropriate solution for this particular situation – and in the absence of any official recommendation and/or consensus about preferred method – I have explored different normalization techniques on the data and compared the results. Sharing and discussing these explorations is one of the goals of my presentation. The other goal is to show a potential solution for this particular situation, one that I applied to both sensor- and source-level data with promising looking results.