cSCAN Rounds

Language and Social Interaction research afternoon

As part of the Language and Social Interactions seminar series, we have organised a mini research day style event involving RAs and PGs from within the group presenting their work in a series of 10 minute talks. All are welcome to attend The talks are as follows: 13.50 Simon Garrod - Introduction 14.00 Ben Dunn - Processing spatial language: Are task differences modulating behaviour? 14.15 Tony Trotter - Mathematical ability and language use: An eye-tracking study 14.30 Jude Stevenson - "Do you see what I see?" Attentional bias to urge-inducing hair cues in compulsive hair-pullers compared with healthy controls 14.45 Kieran O'Shea - The impact of retrieval fluency on referential descriptions in audience design 15.00 Coffee Break 15.15 Anne Keitel - Emotion Processing in Concrete and Abstract Words 15.30 Claire Fisher - Women's preference for attractive makeup tracks changes in their salivary testosterone 15.45 Danielle Morrison - Modeling of Dynamic Social Signals of the Face and Body 16.00 Michal Kandrik - Scarcity of female mates predicts regional variation in men’s and women’s sociosexual orientation across US states 16.15 Wang Hongyi - Women’s Hormone Levels Modulate the Reward Value of Facial Attractiveness We look forward to seeing you there!