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Ongoing Research -- Cerebral processing of affective vocalizations | MEG and fMRI | Representational Similarity Analyses

after the usual Monday MEG meeting (6th Floor Meeting Room; 11am)

"Cerebral processing of affective vocalizations using MEG and fMRI: RSA analyse"

Abstract: Recognizing and interpreting emotional states is crucial for social interaction. A large corpus of researches already exists on the mechanisms underlying the processing of faces (Ekman & Friesen, 1978). However, few studies have investigated emotional content conveyed by voices, particularly in the absence of speech. Therefore, we performed Representational Similarity Analyses (RSA) on both MEG and fMRI data to relate (1) brain representations and theoretical models which simulate brain information processing (i.e. processing of emotional and acoustical features); (2) brain and behaviour; (3) brain representations from different modalities (MEG and fMRI). Our results are consistent with a processing of emotional vocalizations in different processing stages which may include the integration of acoustical features, the perception of the emotion and then the incorporation of emotional information into decision-making. By correlating MEG and fMRI data, it appears that the left inferior frontal gyrus (IFG) plays a major role in this last stage.