Seminar Series

Capillary Dysfunction in neurovascular and neurodegenerative disorders.

A recent re-analysis of oxygen transport in the brain shows that while cerebral blood flow (CBF) determines the brain’s oxygen supply, the extent to which oxygen can be extracted by tissue is limited by capillary transit time heterogeneity (CTH). As a result, changes in capillary diameter (eg. altered wall morphology, compression by edema) or in blood rheology (leukocytosis, hypercholesterolemia) can in theory cause critical reductions in oxygen availability although CBF is well above established ischemic thresholds. Dr Østergaard will discuss the concept of capillary dysfunction and how it may affect our understanding of the pathophysiology of stroke and dementia, and, along with colleague Dr. Thorbjørn Engedal, present preliminary results of CTH measurements in humans