MEG Reading Group

Ongoing Research -- Using Common Spatial Pattern (CSP) algorithm to analyse EEG data.

after the usual Monday MEG meeting (6th Floor Meeting Room; 11am)

Aim: To discuss and receive feedback on using Brain Computer Interface approach, specifically the Common Spatial Pattern (CSP) algorithm implemented in BCILAB toolbox, to analyse EEG data. I will show some preliminary results from an experiment in which participants performed the Card Sorting and Toast Game: A time-based prospective memory paradigm Task description: In this EEG experiment participants are asked to toast pieces of bread on a virtual toaster while performing a card guessing game on a computer screen. This experiment measures the ability of participants to remember to do something after a delay (prospective memory), an ability commonly impaired in neurological diseases (and some times in healthy population as well). Motivation: To investigate the feasibility of obtaining brain relevant information from an EEG experiment in free-movement conditions in a complex cognitive task.