MEG Reading Group

Journal Club Discussion -- Auditory Closed-Loop Stimulation | Slow Oscillation | Memory Enhancement

after the usual Monday MEG meeting (6th Floor Meeting Room; 11am)

"Auditory Closed-Loop Stimulation of the Sleep Slow Oscillation Enhances Memory"

Ngo et al. (2013) |

Abstract Brain rhythms regulate information processing in different states to enable learning and memory formation. The <1 Hz sleep slow oscillation hallmarks slow-wave sleep and is critical to memory consolidation. Here we show in sleeping humans that auditory stimulation in phase with the ongoing rhythmic occurrence of slow oscillation up states profoundly enhances the slow oscillation rhythm, phase-coupled spindle activity, and, consequently, the consolidation of declarative memory. Stimulation out of phase with the ongoing slow oscillation rhythm remained ineffective. Closed-loop in-phase stimulation provides a straight-forward tool to enhance sleep rhythms and their functional efficacy.