Seminar Series

Monkeys, mathematics, and stereotype threat

The main purpose of this talk is to introduce myself and my research here in the School of Psychology. I will present two quite different aspects of my research. First, I will present my research on executive control using neurophysiological, neuropharmacological, and behavioural research in monkeys and humans. Among other things, I will show that monkeys are superior to humans in task-switching paradigms. Second, I will show how this research increased my interest in individual differences, and how this has led me to focus on individual differences in human cognitive skills; I will present my most recent work on gender differences in reading and mathematical skills (which has major implications for education). I will talk about the question who is better in reading and in mathematics (boys or girls?), and about the weaknesses of the popular social-psychological stereotype threat theory for explaining gender differences in maths. See my website for papers and name pronounciation: