Neuroscience & Psychology Postgraduate Society Seminars

The Differences between Facial Expression Perception in Occupational Groups: A Personality Organisational Fit Analysis

I will talk about my research project. The aim of this research project is to investigate the perception of facial expressions in different occupational groups, namely service-based occupations (e.g.: sales assistants, nurses; high social interaction) versus non-based occupations (low social interaction). The focus of this study is the decoding of facial expression signals, e.g.: the coding strategy. Moreover, personality traits are measured, since they might act as a moderator. The personality trait ‘extraversion’ is of particular interest, since people who score high in the ‘extraversion’ dimension might tend to choose a more interactive occupation and therefore perform better in fields where non-verbal communication is essential. Summarised, this research project tries to understand non-verbal communication in work settings, through an analysis of the perception of facial expressions (the six basic emotions) in different occupational groups. Keywords: facial expressions of emotion, internal communication, emotional labour, and occupational differences